Sarah Barrable-Tishauer

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer


7/6/1988, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Sarah Barrable-Tishauer was born on July 6, 1988, in Toronto Ontario. She is most recognized from her role as Liberty Van Zandt on Degrassi: The Next Generation.


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    • Sarah: Yeah, I'm a very driven, independent person. I'm very stong, like Liberty is. But I would say I have a bit more fun than she does. I don't take myself as seriously as she does. But there is definitely similarities between us.

    • Sarah: It's really hard for me to decide on a favourite book because I have way too many to count. In the summer when I'm just relaxing, I like to read ditzy books like Confessions of a Shopaholic and Gossip Girl. But when I'm in school and not reading fluff novels it's a different story. I really enjoyed Go Ask Alice because it was a true account of a girl's struggle with drugs and gives it's reader a definite reality check. I recently read Skud by Dennis Foon and loved it's grittiness & realism.

    • Sarah: I have also enjoyed some of the books we read in school which show us life from a different perspective and help us learn from our past to make a better future. Last year I enjoyed reading Chrysalids, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Wars. There are such bold underlying themes and messages which I think we can all learn from.

    • Sarah: (on her Spring Break) Probably going with Mom to London. My mom is British. It's such a vibrant city. Or maybe Madrid. I like metropolitan cities. You can walk everywhere, see things, connect with people.

    • Sarah: I am a youth activist. I believe that the world underestimates the power that youth have to create change.

    • Sarah: I would want to play the Bride from Kill Bill. She's all woman and kicks butt.

    • Sarah: I like dressing in overalls and oddly mixed clothes. I personally love fashion and my style is quite classic with a dash of edge.

    • Sarah: I wore my favourite white pumps to the Gemini Awards, so you better believe I'll be wearing them again on January 26! Commit the ultimate fashion sin for a good cause - Wear White 4 Windfall.

  • Sarah is a very underrated actress and doesn't get all the recognition or screen time that she deserves.

    Sarah is one of the most talented and underrated actresses on television. She hasn't been getting a lot of screen time until recetly, but she has proven that she should get more. Sarah is mostly overshadowed my her castmates, but is just as great, if not better, than them. No one really likes her character, Liberty Van Zandt, but in real life Sarah seems like a nice caring person. You have to be one heck of an actress to get peolpe to think that you are just like your character in real life, when sometimes you are totally different.moreless
  • Sarah is a very gorgerous, generous, girl, but she is often underlooked.

    If you have ever watched Degrassi: The Next Generation, you'll more than likely find yourself drooling over Sarah's castmates, Jake Epstein, or maybe even Cassie Steele. Oh, and that girl with the glasses, not always in a lot of scenes? That's Sarah. Although she doesn't appear on that show as much as I'd like her to, Sarah is extremley talented. She's very laidback and generous, even starting her own chariety. She has had other roles, but none quite as big as Degrassi. Sarah does have a goal, you could say - that young people do make a difference - and she sure is a stunning example of that!moreless