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  • My role model for music and voice!

    Sarah Brightman is such a great singer! She is a mix of everything. She sings both pop music and classical music, and she does such a fantastic job with her voice. When taking my voice lessons, I idolised her and looked up to her for her excellent vocals. She does an extraordinary job.

    Some of my favourite songs include "Lascia Ch'io Pianga," "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera, and a lot of other classical, baroque, pop, and Broadway songs.

    I absolutely love Sarah's work, and she has excellent vocal quality. That's why I look up to her, because I learnt a lot from her.
  • Her voice reminds me so much of Kate Bush.

    I love Sarah Brightman. She is such a great singer. She is a classical singer, a Broadway singer, and a pop singer. I mean, she sings all sorts of music. My absolute favorite Sarah Brightman song is "Pie Jesu." Although, I'm not sure what language that's in or how to pronounce it. Still, she did an excellent job at it with that boy soprano. I forgot his name, but he was good too.
    Sarah is an excellent soprano. Her voice actually reminds me of Kate Bush's voice. Sarah, I have got to get some of your CDs. You are awesome!
  • Did a great job at playing Christine Daee

    She sure did! And she was also a good singer. I don't know which POTO I liked better! 1986 or 2004 anyways their both good!( Except that the 1986 version Erik couldn't sing! lol! :P) But Both Sarah Brightman AND Emmy Rossum both did a good job playing Chirstine Daae. ;)
  • She has a perfect voice she created the role of them phantom I have 2 words for her Christine Daae.

    She created the role of Christine Daae and her Michael Crawford are the best duet. No one could be as good as her she is really good at singing especially how she holds the high note she sings in phantom of the opera song she was/is so magnificent I wish i had her voice anyone would