Sarah Buxton

Sarah Buxton


3/23/1965, Brentwood, California

Birth Name

Sarah Galbraith Buxton



Also Known As

Sarah G. Buxton
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When Sarah was 15, a Hollywood manager "discovered" her in a supermarket. Previously a gymnast and Olympic hopeful, Buxton was already familiar with the regimented schedule of rehearsal and thus made a smooth transition from one performing art to the other. Her first on-screen appearance was in a…more


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  • Talented.

    Every now and then, when I suddenly remembers Sarah Buxton, I keep wondering why she never became a big daytime star. My introduction to her career was in her best portrayal ever - Annie Douglas on the canceled soap opera "Sunset Beach." In that role solely, Sarah proved what a wonderful actress she was. She was playing a villain, a role that she handled so perfectly that I enjoyed watching her in every single episode. Not even the "do good" characters would be able to beat her, because she was just a wonderful villain. She was in the role for three years and left a great impact on the viewers - so I'm left wondering why is it that she was never a big hit after that?moreless
  • Not bad!

    I just saw Sarah in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. The Episode was "Flashpoint" she did an absolutly amasing job of playing an IRA member. Her accent was better than most I have heard. I have to say she was very believable. Not to mention she pulled of the aditude for the role wonderfully.