Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter


10/30/1980, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Sarah Carter (l)


  • Sarah Carter on Falling Skies.
  • Sarah Carter on Falling Skies.
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Born in Toronto and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Carter was a dedicated dancer and took part in various school plays including ,The Wizard of Oz, in which she played Dorothy. She was also a member of the debate team, which allowed her to travel all over the world.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On June 19th, 2008 Sarah and a group of intrepid mountaineers climbed Mount Shasta in an effort to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund.

    • Her height is 5' 4½" or 1.64 meter. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.

    • Sarah's first TV appearance was in Cold Squad in episode Root Cause as Libby Logan. She made her first guest appearance in the series Wolf Lake.

    • Sarah's movie Dead or Alive is based on a popular video game.

    • Sarah was featured in the March 2006 issue of Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide.

    • Sarah's appearances:
      - Sarah attended the 14th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party Co-hosted by Audi, Chopard and VH1.
      - Sarah attended the Young Hollywood Awards Countdown presented by Diel.
      - Sarah appeared at the San Diego Comic Con.

    • Sarah represented Canada in debating competitions around the world.

    • She was chosen to be added to the cast of Undeclared but the show was canceled soon after she was picked and she only appeared in one episode.

    • Sarah has a passion to do all she can to help the needy, and uses the influences of her father to do it, who is a minister.

    • Sarah is in the TV movie Trapped, she plays Claire Thorensen.

    • Sarah dated Drew Fuller from 2003-2004.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: (about what point she decided to get active and help out people with breast cancer [2008]) A year ago today I was approached to do some public service announcements for the Breast Cancer Fund, and it was the first time a real opportunity had crossed my path, and I took it immediately, because, of course, it's something that has affected my life. And not just my mother and my aunt, every single person I talk to who has been affected by this disease. And it's considered an epidemic at this point, so I'm quite passionate about finding the root of the problem. It also bleeds into the influx of other chronic disease ... autism. And there's no question that we need to start taking care of ourselves, so I wanted to do my part.

    • Sarah: (about what's it like dealing with the unpredictable nature of Hollywood) You have to fill your life with other things you care about as much, and go with the flow. My involvement with the Brest Cancer Fund has made this recent transition relatively easy, because my heart is with them and I have this climb to look forward to. And I actually just finished another project and I did a couple during the writers' strike, so I feel very lucky to have continued to work. But, yeah, there are dry spells, and I tend to do as many classes ... I'm made fun of by my friends, actually, because I make sure that my schedule is absolutely chock full, which I dunno what that says about me, good, bad, or otherwise. But I tend to take Yoga and Pilates and voice lessons, and I'm recording an album in the fall, I paint, I'm taking weekend trips all the time. I keep myself very busy. (laughs)

    • Sarah: (about her having a secret band) Hmm. Secret band would be Eagle and Talon. They're actually in L.A. Check them out. MySpace or I grew up with the lead singer. She's brilliant.

    • Sarah: (about being an actor and an activist) I definitely see myself doing both of them my whole life. It's actually pretty exciting for me to work with the Breast Cancer Fund because it's proven to me that I can do both. But if I weren't an actor I would still be involved.

    • Sarah: (about the fact that she has a dancing background and if it helped when it came to the choreographed fight scenes in the movie DOA) It helps, definitely. I don't know how I would have managed without it. We had to pick things up pretty quickly. Jaime [Pressly] also has a dance background and so does Natassia [Malthe]. And I don't know how it was for Holly [Valance] and Devon [Aoki], but they pulled it off really well. I'm grateful for the dance background.

    • Sarah: (about if she looks back at her career what she's really proud of) My favorite project is a film called Berkeley. Bobby Roth is the director, and I worked with him several times, and he put his heart and soul into it; it's a true life story. We went to hippie boot camp, everyone was working for free, and the music played in the film was everybody really playing the music. It was the project with the most heart, and I think the work speaks for itself. I think it shows in the work, and I wish that more people saw it or will see it in the future. That always tends to be the way you fall in love with a tiny, tiny project, and that's the one that most people don't see. But that was fun. It was definitely the best time I've had.

    • Sarah: (about what it was like saying goodbye to the show Shark) The people you work with become your family, because you're at work for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week a least, so it's sad, first and foremost. But, to be honest, the most exciting thing about this business is change and moving forward and meeting new people, so I'm actually really excited about whatever comes next. But it was nice to fully develop a character and really experience the dynamic between all of the characters on the show. It was so easy, it was so much fun, and we really had a rhythm going that you can only achieve over time. Nothing else really teaches you that, so I hope that another experience like Shark will come my way, but you never know. And that's a little scary, obviously, and I'll miss the show, but I also believe in the timing of the universe helping me along. And I think it's time for the next thing.

    • Sarah: (about what's it like for her to use her name and her celebrity for something worthwhile [Breast Cancer Fund]) It feels great. It really does. The work I've been doing with the Breast Cancer Fund has been the most rewarding part of my career so far, to be honest. It's not just having star power; people can make differences in their communities no matter what they do with their life. It just happens to be that I do get media attention, and the bonus is that I can inspire people to get involved in the things they care about and make differences in their own communities. And, yeah, that's really exciting, but I would be doing this kind of work no matter what, and I know there's so many people who do far more than I do, actually.

    • Sarah: (about how it has been for her watching her family deal with breast cancer) It's just made me appreciate life more, and that's why I got involved in the Breast Cancer Fund. I feel like they have a very hopeful organization, and all of their research is geared towards giving people healthy options for their life and preventing cancer in the first place, because it is largely preventable, which is the irony for me, because I was introduced through my family and through genetics. And I've found that ninety percent of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are diagnosed because of environmental causes.

    • Sarah: (about how she would spend an ideal day in Los Angeles) First, I would jump in the ocean. I actually swim at Venice Beach which is sort of questionable. I get random rashes. So, first I would jump in the ocean. And then I would get a cup of coffee at Groundworks. Probably go to a yoga class. I like Exhale. I think it's a beautiful studio on Main Street. Axe would be a good place to eat. I like all of their organic options. Then maybe check out the Getty. And then I'd head more into Hollywood. Maybe go to King's Road. I go there a lot. I like shopping. I like Robertson.

    • Sarah: (about if working in China [for shooting the movie DOA] was a difficult adjustment for her to make) It was traumatizing. It was, because everything that was familiar to us was gone completely. Everything looks different, smells different, and tasted different. We were supposed to be looking our best and feeling our strongest, eating things that we never heard of or seen before. And it was good - we were sick a lot of the time - but on the plus side, you do a lot of growing when you're forced into those kinds of situations. We all bonded, as you can imagine. So there were a lot of great things that came out of being there for so long.

    • Sarah: (about what grabbed her about the script of the movie DOA) I like the idea of doing something where I would be able to train for the fight scenes and the characters are all cartoon characters. And it's just a light alternative to other things I'd been doing at the time.

    • Sarah: (about if she played the game Dead or Alive before signing on to do the film DOA) I hadn't played before I started working on the film, but we all got X-Boxes in our hotel rooms in China so I did get pretty good at it. It's easy to figure out; it's a little harder to master. But, I don't know, probably two weeks of playing helped.

    • Sarah: (about if she was a fan of action movies before starring in the movie DOA) Not particularly, but they're so much fun. I did love Charlie's Angels and I love Kill Bill. I actually got a Kill Bill scene, which is a dream come true. I got a big bar fight scene, so... I got my Uma Thurman on.

    • Sarah: Because of my dance background, I can get away with the flashy stuff like kicks and spins.

    • Sarah: I hated going to church. It's awful. Everyone's looking at you.

    • Sarah: The most romantic night of my life was on a team trip to Buenos Aires. He was a concert pianist and a very good dancer. We tangoed and he asked me if I wanted to see him later that night. I think it was the first time I fell in love. I didn't see him afterwards for seven years, but he just recently came back into my life.

    • Sarah: Full moons make me nutty. I bump into walls, trip over my own feet, spill coffee on my lap.

    • Sarah: There's no question that the prairies offer the most incredible sky. Out there, it feels like you're seeing the entire world.

    • Sarah: Our research not only shows that there is no buzz about blogging and podcasting outside of our media industry bubble, but also that people have no understanding of what the words mean. It's a real wake-up call.

    • Sarah: I think we have too much police interference in this country as it is... There are plenty of police.

  • Not only a pretty face

    Sarah carter is a very talented young actress, very expressive and believable in most of his roles. I only can hope that other producers discover this girl, and have a great career. But for the moment she is doing an amazing job next to James wood, in a very interesting show SHARK. Where she plays a cold lawyer but with some of her own secrets. I recommend to every body to watch it if you want to enjoy the presence of amazing stars.moreless
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    Sarah Carter is a developing actress that I really like and admire. I think that she is pretty and I also think that her attitudes, attributes and talents is quite unique. I really enjoy watching her, I like her in Smallville and her role in Shark, is very well played by her. I really like her.