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Forums: Sarah Chalke Board: Who here thinks Sarah Chalke will get an Emmy nom for Why I Wore Lipstick?

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    AnotherĀ user was asking this on another board, and I thought I'd borrow it. I've seen it times and it Was such a beautiful movie, overall it went beyond my expectations, and Sarah Chalke absolutely amazing, brilliant, smart, and spectacular, Sarah truly gave an Emmy worthy performance in the movie. Her performance was truly breathtaking and made us see a new side to her, a strong and brave side, and many times in the movie she didn't have to say anything, her face and expressions told the story, she really captured struggling and heartbreaking perfectly. This was Sarah at her best. Everyone keeps saying that Sarah was amazing, unbelievable, great and brilliant, overall spectacular. In fact someone even said that she gave an Emmy worthy performance-- which she did. So I don't know, maybe she'll get nominated for an Emmy, maybe not. But we all know she deserves it.. Oh and if haven't seen the movie here it is- Enjoy.
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    Sarah so deserved, deserves, an awawrd for that role. She was brilliant as a breast cancer patient. I was sad to hear that she did not get a nomination.
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