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  • Sarah Chalke Now Out Of "Scrubs" by Dane Youssef

    Sarah Chalke Now Out Of "Scrubs" by Dane Youssef

    Anyone who knows about her... what is she gonna do now?

    When someone becomes a big-star on an immortal television show... and that show ends, the fans feel like a close friend has died. And many people ask "What now?" In this case, everyone is asking up-and-down, "What is Sarah gonna do now?" I read a lot of posts from people who are giving her flak for "not looking as good as she used to." I know she's looking kind of... well, right now. But why do you all expect her to look like a Cover Girl every second of every minute of every day? Hey, the girl's getting older, she's pregnant right now... and she's had a lot of injuries from her hobbies like skiing and snowboarding. She's 36. She's having a baby. Come on, guys. Be fair. You're expecting her to look like Helen of Troy in any given... Things break down, people decay and lessen... they alter. These thing happen. "In the end, we are all dust." She's a nice lady. She's a nice, fun, goofy, quirky open lady. Let her be. Let's all not go hatin' on her 'cause she's had the audacity to get older and show signs of wear and tear. All it means... is that the girl has lived life. I hope all-too very much sincerely that her hot streak continues. Her hubby-to-be, her upcoming son, her having a career after "Scrubs." Her "Scrubs" character Elliot's the type you'd have to ask why she became an M.D. You'd expect her to get into psychiatry so she could self-medicate. But she goes all over the place, being brilliant, being clumsy, being stupid, insane, rational, book-smart, ditzy, wise, silly, goony, deep and then more. Elliot is supposed to be a little of every woman, every woman there ever was or will be. I do kind of like Sarah Chalke, even if her Elliot does sort of get on my nerves. Elliot does annoy me, the same way she does Cox. Rubs me all wrong. I can't lie. I know you're supposed to preach to the choir. Many other posters are probably going to feel angry and want to flame anybody who doesn't post the exact same thing they do (these people are hopelessly pathetic). But let everyone toss in their two cents. But you know... I love Sarah. That I do. --All Kind of Love, Dane Youssef