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Sarah Drew


10/1/1980, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Sarah Drew on Grey's Anatomy Season 9.
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Born in 1980, Sarah graduated from the University of Virginia in 2002 with a degree in Drama. Sarah is best known for her role as the loveable yet shy Hannah, best friend of Amy on Everwood. Her first big break in Hollywood was lending her voice to Stacy…more


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    • Sarah: (On if she watches Glee, which she appeared in) Yes! Oh my god, it's my favorite show. It's so funny and jaw dropping and sad. I cry all the time when I watch it. It's amazing how from one minute you're laughing your ass off, then completely shocked at something Sue said then crying over an emotional song. Ah, it's so good. I feel like I especially love it because of my experience doing musical theatre. There's nothing like it. It has elements of comedy. There's something so invigorating. blowing the roof off. This combines that with great actors and hilarity with this we're rooting for you and this sound is incredible. It's incredibly entertaining and at the same time. It's a good underdog story. It's about a bunch of kids who are kind of socially awkward and aren't getting the attention in school.

    • Sarah: (On her role in Glee) It was so much fun. It's really fun to get to play people who are off and twisty and psycho. We all have that it in us but we're not allowed to–or can't–let it out. When I was playing Suzy, I just went there and let all my crazy out. In the moments or characters where I'm allowed to let out the crazy, I get really excited. I tell Brad when I get full on crazy and then we'd rank the craziness for the scene. He'd be like, okay, you're a nine, dial it back to about a six. Or you're a five, amp it up to an eight. I think that's so brilliant about the way they write the show that literally when you're in the bathroom scene you think Suzy's going to kill Rachel. They're layers to Suzy and Brad wanted me to access them. Suzy's crazy, but she's also vulnerable. I like the ability to bring in the crazy with the vulnerable.

    • Sarah: (On how she got into acting) Been acting since before I can remember. Only thing I ever wanted to do with my life. Growing up doing a couple plays a year, school theatre. I booked voiceover with the show Daria. I did that in high school and college. In between second and third year of college, I went to several musical theatre auditions and ended up doing Romeo and Juliet. It was reviewed in the New York Times. Everything took off from there, I had my choice of agents and started working right away.

    • Sarah : (About her character April being unpopular on Grey's Anatomy and how this will change in light of the season finale moving into the next season) [She's] kind of annoying, just neurotic and really insecure. Most of my stuff before was with Patrick and fawning over him awkwardly. So this was the first opportunity to actually bond in a positive way with them. They say tragedy brings people together, so I guess that's what happened. It just feels like April's going to move on. I don't see it happening after everything that transpired in the finale. After her hearing how much Meredith is in love with Derek. After she witnessed the miscarriage.

    • Sarah: (On being hired, fired, then hired on Grey's Anatomy) I definitely did my fair share of sweating in the past year. It's all been really good news, though. Shonda wrote April for me because I've worked with her twice before. I walked into this role knowing it was only two episodes. I knew my character was going to be fired, so I wasn't expecting anything beyond those two episodes. And then they called me the morning after the "firing episode" aired to check my availability and talk about a contract, and I was just floored. It was wonderful because when I came back to work I had so much support. A lot of the cast members were like, "We were rallying for you to stay. We're so glad you're back." It was a wonderful surprise to move past those two episodes.

    • Sarah: (On if she watched Mad Men before landing a role on the show) I bought it on iTunes and watched the whole first season the weekend before we started shooting. I got totally hooked! The way people related to each other in that time period is shocking. For me, it's really going against the grain to hear sexist lines as an actress. In order to be in character, you can't balk and have a normal reaction. You have to think to yourself, "Of course that's what someone's going to say to me." Although my character hasn't had to deal with those comments yet -- Sal is different. Kitty and Sal have a real relationship, not just a marital alliance. They like being around each other and they care about each other. They would be best friends if Sal were a girl!

    • Sarah: (On if she wore a wig during Mad Men) That was my real hair! When I got to the set, my hair was down to the middle of my back. They said, I know it's your life, but your hair is not "period." I was like, "Ugh!" We chopped off 11 inches, which I gave to Locks of Love. But I have to say, since I got that haircut, I have never worked so much in my life. Someone finally said, "Cut your hair!" The hairstylists are amazing. They do hot rollers, spray the hell out of it, then you sit in it for hours, then they brush it out, then they spray the hell out of it again. So what if you have to wear a girdle. You look fabulous.

    • Sarah: (On her guest starring role on Grey's Anatomy) I think it's a really fun character and, of course, getting to be on that show is wonderful and exciting for any actress in Hollywood...I would love to stick around.

    • Sarah: It takes a special conviction to decide to go against the crowd and to know what is right and to act upon it.

    • Sarah: Peter and I sit down with every script that I get before I even audition for anything, and we talk about it. I find out where it will be, and how long it will take. We talk about it and make tough decisions about "Is this a compromise that I'm not willing to make, or is it OK?" We spend a lot of time praying about it. I really do desire to be an artist who honors God with my work. It's limiting to some degree but at the same time it doesn't matter because the right jobs will come along. I absolutely believe that and we've been totally blessed so far.

    • Sarah (On watching herself on screen): Watching it was weird; you know, watching myself 50 feet tall. I was hanging out on the set for a lot of the filming even if I wasn't working, so I remember what I was doing when this scene was shot or what was going on when that scene was shot. I'm my worst critic. So it was just very weird to watch it because it's crazy and cool at the same time.

    • Sarah (On how she preserves her marriage while filming): When I was doing Radio, I was down in South Carolina for 11 weeks. Peter flew down every weekend, which was absurd, because it took eight hours there and back, because there were no direct flights. Then it was an hour drive on either side. He was trying to be a first-year grad student, so he was constantly reading and toting around a 50-pound suitcase of books. But we had decided that our marriage is the priority and we need to spend time together or we're not going to grow as a couple. After that I was doing a play in New York and so I was commuting something like an hour and 40 minutes each way. We spent between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. together. That was our time.

    • Sarah: I was all dolled up and I bumped into Greg Smith at a WB event and he walked right up to me and looked right at me and didn't recognize me because usually when he sees me for the show I'm the girl with the frizzy hair and glasses. So not the glamor look. The good news is I only have to spend thirty minutes in the makeup trailer. I just wear mascara, chap stick, put my glasses on and Hannah arrives.

    • Sarah: (Describing scenes from Everwood) When Bright and I first did our kissing scenes it was so funny because our director told me I should think of myself as the librarian with the glasses flying off. He's like 'I want hands flying. I want crazy, crazy passion.' So basically I attacked him.

    • Sarah: I think the worst thing I ever tried in high school was the tight, rolled jeans look. I also had neon suspenders. I thought I was cool, but I look back now and I cringe.

    • Sarah: (On her character Hannah's relationship with bad-boy Bright in Everwood) I think there's going to be quite a few interesting twists and turns for Hannah this season. For one thing, she has made a vow not to have sex until she is married. Obviously Bright has not taken this vow. Watching this relationship develop is going to be fun, especially because Hannah is just so crazy about Bright.