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    • Sarah: (On her role in Glee) It was so much fun. It's really fun to get to play people who are off and twisty and psycho. We all have that it in us but we're not allowed to–or can't–let it out. When I was playing Suzy, I just went there and let all my crazy out. In the moments or characters where I'm allowed to let out the crazy, I get really excited. I tell Brad when I get full on crazy and then we'd rank the craziness for the scene. He'd be like, okay, you're a nine, dial it back to about a six. Or you're a five, amp it up to an eight. I think that's so brilliant about the way they write the show that literally when you're in the bathroom scene you think Suzy's going to kill Rachel. They're layers to Suzy and Brad wanted me to access them. Suzy's crazy, but she's also vulnerable. I like the ability to bring in the crazy with the vulnerable.