Sarah Foret

Sarah Foret


12/3/1984, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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Sarah Elizabeth Foret


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    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): I wanted them to be proud of how I portrayed their daughter.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): We were all so not wanting to offend the families.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): Once I actually got the part, it was such a responsibility to Kristen French and her family to portray it really realistically.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): All of us took this project not to glorify Karla or Paul, but to almost memorialize these victims.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): It was so horrific to learn the details. I had nightmares for a couple months after filming.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): I wasn't aware of any of their story. It was all new to me.

    • Sarah (about the movie Karla): It was the darkest subject matter I'd ever researched.

    • Sarah: We're waiting to hear if the show gets picked up. It's a nail-biting kind of thing.

    • Sarah: Auditioning for a show that's already been picked up you do testing as well as meet with the producers. It was an amazing growing period.

    • Sarah: I was blessed because I knew at an early age that acting was my passion and something I enjoyed.

    • Sarah: One of them [her movies] is called Karla that is going to be in select theaters and stars Laura Prepon from That '70s Show. It's based on a true story and it is a really dark story. This couple kidnap and murder girls and I play one of the victims.

    • Sarah (about becoming an actor): Try to surround yourself with positive, supportive people. People that will help encourage you when you get frustrated or discouraged and want to give up.

    • Sarah: I would watch TV when I was little and think people were inside the box. I wanted to be inside there.

    • Sarah (about becoming an actor): There are miracle stories, but for the most part it takes a lot of failed attempts.

    • Sarah: They have until December to say if the show is getting picked up, but we expect to find out sooner than that.

    • Sarah (about becoming an actor): Just realize it's going to take a long time.

    • Sarah: I had a blast. It was the biggest thrill I've ever had. I learned so much just from the auditioning process.

    • Sarah (about becoming an actor): It's so cliché to say, but just completely believe in yourself.

  • Sarah Foret is an amazingly talented actress and I really enjoy watching her on Beautiful People.

    When I started watching Beautiful People it quickly became my favorite tv show. Sophie Kerr is with out a doubt my favorite character and I think Sarah does a terrific job playing her role. Sarah is an amazing actress and I think the way she portrays Sophie is what makes the show so wonderful. I think if Sophie Kerr was played by someone else the show would be super boring. I really hope for the best for the show Beautiful People and I really hope it'll stick around for a long time. I can't wait to see more of Sarah Foret in upcoming movies. I just saw her in the movie Karla and she did an amazing job portraying Kristen French. She really is an amazingly talented actress with a very bright future. I think she is a really good role model and seems like a very nice person. Good luck in the future Sarah! Your awesomemoreless
  • Sarah Foret has been a nice fresh breath of air.

    I absolutely have fallen in love with the new show Beautiful People. All the actors and actresses are perfect for their roles. But I must admit that my favorite character is Sophie Kerr played by Sarah Foret. She is undeniably beautiful and a great role model for girls everywhere. I can't wait to see more of her. I haven't heard anything about how the show is doing with the public, but it would break my heart if the show was cancelled... even though I can't imagine that would happen. I really hope that there will be many seasons of Beautiful People to come. I also know that she is going to be appearing in a few upcoming movies, but I hope that she does some leading roles sometime in the future. She obviously has the talent to do so. Best of luck to Sarah Foret, the new rising star and fresh breath of air.moreless