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  • Sarah Foret is an amazingly talented actress and I really enjoy watching her on Beautiful People.

    When I started watching Beautiful People it quickly became my favorite tv show. Sophie Kerr is with out a doubt my favorite character and I think Sarah does a terrific job playing her role. Sarah is an amazing actress and I think the way she portrays Sophie is what makes the show so wonderful. I think if Sophie Kerr was played by someone else the show would be super boring. I really hope for the best for the show Beautiful People and I really hope it'll stick around for a long time. I can't wait to see more of Sarah Foret in upcoming movies. I just saw her in the movie Karla and she did an amazing job portraying Kristen French. She really is an amazingly talented actress with a very bright future. I think she is a really good role model and seems like a very nice person. Good luck in the future Sarah! Your awesome