Sarah Jane Morris

Sarah Jane Morris


4/12/1977, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Sarah Jane Morris



Also Known As

Sarah Jane Morris
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Sarah Jane Morris, born in Memphis, Tennessee, is the youngest of four children. Her parents are very supportive of the arts, and from a young age she was performing in musical theatre and studying ballet. She also studied classical voice from age 12 until she went away to…more


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    • Sarah Jane Morris: (after her onscreen pregnancy in "Brothers & Sisters") [Laughs] It might almost be making me want to put off pregnancy a little longer. It's like, "I'm going to be this uncomfortable for nine months?!" I can take this [pregnancy padding] off, but you can't take off your real baby.

    • Sarah Jane Morris: I love the Earth, and I just feel a personal responsibility to start treating it as I do my own home. I hope to have my own family someday, and I want them to be able to enjoy all the wonderful things I was able to as a child, and not take this planet for granted.

    • Sarah Jane Morris: (during the time she was working on "Brothers & Sisters") I love TV! Because I'm mainly a TV actress at this point in my career, I sort of made it a point a few years back to really start studying TV. I love movies too, but I watch a LOT of TV... thank God for Tivo.

    • Sarah Jane Morris: (on working with her "Brothers & Sisters" co-stars) I feel like I'm getting my graduate-school degree right now just watching Sally and Rachel and Calista and everyone. I'm learning a lot. Obviously everyone wants to work all the time and break out when they get on a TV show, but it's been kind of nice to just be on the outskirts of this and observe a lot and not get too many fingers pointed at me.

    • Sarah Jane Morris: Weekend getaways are one of the best things about living in California. You can literally be at the beach and drive a few hours east and be in the desert (as I was last weekend), or a couple hours to the northeast and hit the slopes, or a few hours up the coast and be in beautiful wine country.