Sarah Jessica Parker





3/25/1965 , Nelsonville, Ohio

Birth Name

Sarah Jessica Parker




Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio on the 25th March, 1965. As a child, Sarah participated in ballet and singing lessons, and was later cast in the broadway musical, "The Innocents". As an adult she went onto star in many television series , her most successful being Sex and The City playing New York columnist, Carrie Bradshaw, the role in which she won a Golden Globe and Emmy for. She married Matthew Broderick on the 19th of May in 1997, and together they had one child, a son calld James Wilke Broderick who was born October 28, 2002.

Sex and The City finished in 2004, and since then, Sarah has been focused on motherhood, had released several movies such as "Failure to Launch" and "The Family Stone". She has also released her own perfume line called "Lovely" which was launched in 2005.