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  • Overrated.

    Hate her in "Sex and the City". Not a good actor.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker:One Of The Best

    I first saw SJP act on Square Pegs when I was 8,this show was so good it was a shame it only lasted one season.I watched her movies and tv shows,I loved Footloose and Girls Just Want To Have Fun and I loved A Year In ThE Life and Equal Justice,brilliant but canceled shows.I watched her in more movies,one of my favorites being Ed Wood,amazing movie. Then came SATC she is so brilliant as Carrie Bradshaw,I love this character and this show.She is one of the best actresses out there she is beautiful and down to earth and has a legendary career.When some of the actresses today are forgotten she will be a legend.
  • Beautiful, Talented, and Fabulous

    Most people know Sarah Jessica Parker for her big role in the hit series "Sex And The City", and most who love that show love Sarah. I can't blame them! She's an amazing actress and not just that, she's very pretty and deserves all the fame she gets. Outside of her career, she's a really good person. If you don't know, she does a lot for poor children, basically Unicef. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. She's a great person all around, how could anyone hate her or dislike her? She's another loveable actress in this world, and I love to have those.
  • Really pretty and charming!

    Don't know why there are bad reviews on here about her. As she is really one talented and very sexy woman. She looks good for her age. She really did a great job playing against her looks and against type as the nerdy "Square Pigs" but really she hit her stride in "Sex in the City!" She has paid her dues and that hopefully we will see more of this beautiful woman in movies. One talented person as I also loved her in the film "Footloose" as she still had those "Square Pigs" curls there. But don't know why there are bad reviews for her on here as I think she is lovely.
  • empty

    To be honest, I think that Sex and the City is overrated, I do not like it very much, and I think that Sarah is overrated as well. I think that she just does not trie enough to be a good actress, she could have a lot more potential, but she never gives her best on her films, it is a big dissapointment.
  • empty

    Sarah Jessica Parker is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Family Stone."
  • She's okay, but getting worse by the day.

    She is on Sex And The City, which I feel is overrated. IOhave never really seen her act, and I have also never reall seen her look pretty. I'm sorry, but Sarah Jessica Parker is a really ugly actress. She's okay, but I just boycott her, kinda like I boycott Jennifer Aniston. She was in a not very totally successful movie called Hocus Pocus. Although she was the prettiest witch in the movie, in real life I think she looked better as a witch! laugh out loud. She's ok, but riding on the family name, which you never want to do.
  • she is soo pretty and funny.. makes me laugh

    in her show sex and the city.. she just has her sarcastic humor and she just acts soo very well..i cant imagine how tough it would be to kiss a different guy that u dont kno every show. Expecally when she just married her is also very amazing to me that she could pull off being pregnant during the show.. i didnt even notice!! in the movie first wifes club that she was in i was kind of said that she had a kind of small role.. but she was just super at that too.i love her crazy curly hair that is just so wild.. it just makes her very different from everyone else..

    I LOVE HER!! lol.. i have seen like every movie that she has been in..

    my friend call me a
  • OMG!!!!!!! How can anyone like her? She is ugly and can't act.

    She has never been in a good movie (well except for her bad acting she did in First wifes club, but Diane Keaton and Bette Midler made that movie). Her acting is almost as bad as Halle Berry (who also cant act to save her life and for some reason they decide to award her the Academy Award for Monster's Ball).
  • She's good looking and fun!

    I like Sarah! She is different looking, but very pretty and sexy in her own way. She's a good actress and shes funny on her sitcom. I have to say though, I like her looks better than her acting. If nothing, you could just sit and watch her for her looks!
  • omg!!!Sarah is first of all, fabulous and talented and beautiful and an amazing actress!She sets trends amd wears beautiful designer dresses! She's just the epitome of fabulous!!!

    omg!!!Sarah is first of all, fabulous and talented and beautiful and an amazing actress!She sets trends amd wears beautiful designer dresses! She's just the epitome of fabulous!!! And she deserves to be put in the fashion hall of fame because of her amazing and trendsetting style!And she is a wonderful mother,too!
  • Stylish, gorgeous and classy.

    Never has there been an actress as classy as Sarah Jessica Parker, not only does she have an incredible sence of style, and the mos amazing shoe collection, but she can also act. She was the star of Sex and the City, and could pull off as nobody else could some scenes which some actors would not be able to pull off. She's intelligent too since she's always been able to pick the right roles for her, starting as a little orphan in the musical Annie, to the sexy newyorker she played in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica defines what a hollywood superstar should be.