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Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones


8/11/1978, Juneau, Alaska, USA

Birth Name

Sarah Miriah Jones



Also Known As

Sarah Miriah Jones
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Sarah Jones was a contestant on Season 4 Survivor: Marquesas. She currently resides in Newport Beach, California.


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  • A new career for Sarah with Ugly Betty?

    I don\\\'t know Sarah Jones from Survivor, but her appearence in the second episode of Ugly Betty was fantastic, in my humble opinion. She was beautiful and lovable, I definitely hope she\\\'ll be back in this series.

    She seems to fit perfectly the kind of character Natalie Withman represents, the actress that has a few pounds too many but is still charming. A kind of Renee Zelwegger. You can see, by the way, in the episode, that the series of movie she did is supposed to be a take on \\\"Bridget Jones\\\". Looking forward to following this series every week!moreless
  • Lazy and didn't do squat!

    I think that Sarah should had been the first one

    To go and that she didn't do squat at all and

    She really tried to flirt with everybody on the island

    Really was lazy and really came off trying to use her

    Body and sex appeal. But in the end, before it

    Was too late, she got voted out!