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  • She is improving!

    Sarah Lancaster has improved as she's gotten older. Her first tv show of importance was Saved by the Bell: The New Class. This was a teen Saturday morning show. It didn't need great actors to survive. Later on, she was found on the teen drama, Everwood. Her acting had improved since SBTB and the level of the show she was on had, too. Now, she is on the show What About Brian and from what I've heard it is a good show. Sarah Lancaster is moving up in the world. For Sarah fans, that's a good thing! It is my opinion the she is here to stay.
  • Sarah is an excellent actress. I really enjoyed her on Everwood and I hope to see her in more upcoming movies or shows.

    Sarah Lancaster is one of my favorite actresses. If you watch even a minute of her scene in her last episode of Everwood you'll see what I mean. It was extremely moving and heart-breaking. In an Entertainment Weekly review of the episode they said Sarah was "the first Saved By the Bell alum worthy of Emmy contention" that's saying something.