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    • Sarah portrayed a murderously-jealous teenager in the movie Lover's Lane. Aptly enough, in real life, she was born on exactly the same day as fellow juvenile actress Christina Ricci (of Addams Family Values fame).

    • Sarah starred in the 2005 TV movie Living With The Enemy with Mark Humphrey, she played Allison Lauder.

    • Sarah appeared in the 2008 dramedy Smother along with Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler, and Dax Shepard.

    • Sarah, one of our favorite Everwood peeps, has nabbed the female lead in Josh Schwartz's much-buzzed-about NBC pilot Chuck, sources confirm. Lancaster joins Less Than Perfect Zachary Levi, who's playing the title character — a computer geek who moonlights as a superhero.

    • Sarah's family lived two hours away from the set while she was working on SBTB: The New Class. Because of this, Sarah would often stay with fellow cast member Natalia Cigliuti at her family home on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

    • Sarah's favorite food is Chinese and her favorite drink is simply water.

    • Sarah's favorites Actors/Actresses are Robert DeNiro, Gary Oldman, John Malkovich, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

    • Sarah's favorites TV Shows are Party of Five and ER.

    • Sarah's favorite movies are Amistad, She's So Lovely and Good Will Hunting.

    • Sarah's favorite bands include Radiohead.

    • Sarah drives a Silver Mercedes C220.

    • Sarah has more than 8 years of training in Jazz & Funk dancing.

    • Sarah enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, diving, snorkeling, water-skiing, hiking, playing soft-ball and shopping.

    • The brand Oil of Olay is Sarah's favorite facial cleanser. She uses it every night before she goes to bed.

    • Sarah would rather spend her money on shoes than gamble it away.

    • Sarah thinks that one of the most interesting parts of being an actress is picking up career trades that one would not have otherwise learned.

    • Sarah herself describes her style as classic, simple and plain. She love's the antique look in jewelry like chandelier earrings and big rings. On normal (not working) days, Sarah loves to walk around town in jeans and flip-flops.

    • Sarah loves gold jewelry.

    • Sarah has been living in Los Angeles with two cats.

    • Sarah likes water sports, travel and shopping.

    • Her height is 5' 8" (1.73 m).

    • Sarah filmed a few appearances for the television series, Manchester Prep, a spin-off of the hit movie Cruel Intentions. She played Millicent Davies, rival to Kathryn (Amy Adams). The series was not picked up despite having several episodes filmed, and was later edited to make the movie Cruel Intentions 2. Sarah's scenes were not used, although she appears frequently in the trailer.

    • She has a younger brother named Daniel. Her mother, Barbara, is a teacher while her father, Michael, works in the Real Estate business.

    • She attended Newhart Jr. High in Mission Viejo, California.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah (Talks about working with Ryan McPartlin, with very little clothes on): I know! (laughs) You know, I'm almost immune to it now, which is kind of shocking because Ryan is really good-looking. Well, you've seen the show. But now it's kind of like, oh yeah, that's Ryan's wardrobe. He's always in shorts or naked or with leaves covering his bits. It's kind of just another day at the office, you know. He's a good sport about it, he really is.

    • Sarah: (on working with Adam Baldwin) I just love watching him work. He can make what's on the page so different than what you'd expect, it's just awesome.

    • Sarah: I was a pretty solitary kid, so TV and movies were a big part of passing the time for me.

    • Sarah (On the relationship between Chuck and Ellie): It's weird but it actually feels like we're brother & sister. I don't get to see my baby brother very often, so it's cool to have a fake brother on set.

    • Sarah: Commercials didn't take at all. I'm probably, like, the worst commercial auditioner ever! I never booked a commercial.

    • Sarah (About if in real life she has had a Marjorie love triangle of best friends) : I have not yet had a boyfriend's best friend be in love with me.

    • Sarah (What current TV shows are similar to What about Brian?): I think we have a similar tone to Grey's Anatomy without all the medical stuff. I remember when that show came out and it was hard to pin down whether it was a comedy or a drama. I think our show is the same way. It's a drama, but [it finds} humor in the real authentic stuff that happens in everyday life.

    • Sarah (On her new series: What About Brian): This show's about life, friendship, love and sex, and all the things that I care about…it just really struck a chord with me.