Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane


10/12/1976, Santa Cruz, California, USA

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Sarah Moran
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She began as a grocery bagger working for 4.25/hr. Then she became Co-host of one of the hippest technological shows on television. Sarah Lane worked her way to the top and didn't let anything get in her way.

Raised in Sebastopol, California, she worked at her local…more

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      Race to G-Phoria - Herself

      Crashing G-Phoria - Herself

    • On May 20, 2006 - Sarah married her former Attack of the Show Co-host Brendan Moran. On December 31, 2008 Sarah confirmed on her blog that she and Brendan had divorced.

    • Sarah dated former The Screen Savers and Attack of the Show host Kevin Rose.

    • Sarah's favorite car type is a Honda, specifically it's the Honda Civic Hybrid due to it's fuel efficiency.

    • Sarah joined TechTV in February 2001.

    • Sarah's first computer was an IBM, which she claims only had WordPerfect and Solitaire on it.

    • Sarah has a fondness for cats.

    • Sarah's hobbies include running, photography, frequenting antique stores, and buying shoes.

    • In the great computer debate (Mac vs. PC) Sarah is a PC person.

    • Sarah's favorite video game is Tetris

    • Lane directed and produced a weekly news magazine program called "Next Step" for KRON-TV out of San Jose, California. The show focused on the technology and people from Silicon Valley.

    • Lane obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University.

    • One of Sarah's most well known accomplishments was "vandalising" the Wikipedia website page on monkeypox, on a live show of The Screen Savers. She submitted "Sarah Lane is totally cool and does not have monkeypox" and it was accepted instantly. She did this to expose the security flaws and lack of moderation on the Wikipedia site.

    • While she was working at TechTV, Sarah would often have a sign saying "Sarah Rules" on her webcam. This sign, as well as many other versions, would often be held or be in the background of many other TechTV crew webcams.

    • List of Sarah's Favorites

      Book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S.Thompson
      Football Team: San Francisco 49ers
      Television Shows: Twin Peaks and Seinfeld.

    • Sarah is a huge fan of the films of David Lynch.

    • Sarah participated with Melanie Kim, Cat Schwartz, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb in's "Geek Love - The Ladies of TechTV" poll.

    • Sarah appeared with fellow TechTV personalities Sumi Das, Chi-Lan Lieu, Cat Schwartz, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb for the "Strange New Element" music video for the band Low Water.

    • Along with Chi-Lan Lieu, Brendan Moran, Kevin Rose, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, Sarah was one of only six TechTV main on-air talents to survive the massive layoffs resulting from the May 2004 merger of G4 and TechTV.

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  • Used to be much better.

    Sarah used to be a very fun and talented person on The Screen Savers. No matter how bad a day was going she could always brighten it up with her smile and sense of humor with tech. Ever since that fateful day in November when G4 revealed it's plans she hasn't been the same. She has been depressed and is actually depressing to watch. Her talent is wasted and she is forced to portray a bimbo for the G4 execs on AOTS. She would have been better off if she stayed a tech girl and never went to LA. It ruined her and i doubt she will ever be the great person she once was again.moreless
  • Sarah Lane is a talented, and funnyt girl! She is soo Great!

    Sarah Lane is not known well, but could survive in the hectic Hollywood lifestyle well as a talk show host. She is not super at delivering scripting acting, but is great at talking to people, and knows the right kinds of questions to ask.

    She is a great person, and I got the chance to meet her, she is not very tall. HAHA