Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan


1/28/1968, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Sarah Ann McLachlan



Also Known As

McLachlan, Sarah Mclachlan
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Canadian singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan is best known to people as the creative force behind the series of Lilith Fair concerts, but fans know her as the woman with the angelic voice. While still in High School, Sarah was discovered after the first night her band The…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Her first national concert tour began with her as the opening act for the band The Grapes of Wrath.

    • From 1995 to 2008, Sarah released recordings that were only available to fan club members only. These eight releases were entitled Murmurs.

    • She married Ashwin Sood on February 7, 1997. They have one daughter India Ann Sushil Sood, born on April 6, 2002.

    • Sarah once dated her producer, Pierre Marchand.

    • Sarah's first "Top 10 Hit" was for her song "Building a Mystery" from her Surfacing album.

    • McLachlan was one of the first musical artists to embrace computer technology and the internet to increase her fans' experience. Her 1994 album The Freedom Sessions was one of the first enhanced CDs ever released, combining music with CD-ROM material of behind the sceens footage and interviews. She has included CD-ROM content with all of her album releases since.

    • Sarah received a "Best Pop Instrumental Performance" Grammy in 1998 for her song "Last Dance".

    • In 1999, Sarah was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of her recording career and the charitable donations she made to women's shelters across Canada. The Order of Canada is the country's highest civilian honor that was established to recognize the lifetime contributions of Canadians who made a major difference to the country.

    • While still a student at Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sarah was the lead vocalist for the band The October Game. After just their first concert, she was offered a recording contract with Nettwerk.

    • McLachlan's high school yearbook accurately predicted that she was "Destined to become a famous rock star."

    • Sarah's song "The Path of Thorns" was the 50 millionth song downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

    • In July 2005, Sarah was one of the performers in the Philadelphia installment of the Live 8 benefit concert. Live 8 was a series of world-wide concerts held before the G8 Conference to promote awareness to world poverty.

    • In 2001, she founded Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach Program - a foundation that provides free music education classes to inner city youths whose school music programs have been affected by budget cuts.

    • In 1999, Sarah won the Grammy Award for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance with her song "I Will Remember You."

    • Sarah's Lilith Fair raised over $7 million for charities.

    • In 1998, Sarah was awarded the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Visionary Award for her involvement in the advancement in the careers of women in music.

    • Sarah began playing musical instruments when she was 5 years old.

    • Although she was born in Halifax, Sarah claims Vancouver as her home.

    • Her husband, Ashwin Sood, has been her drummer since 1991.

    • Sarah's first musical instrument she learned to play was the ukulele.

    • Before having written a single song, Sarah was the first artist signed under the Nettwerk recording label.

    • In 1997 she founded Lilith Fair, the first all female performer concert tour.

    • Sarah was #69 on VH-1's "100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll"

    • Sarah grew up listening to Joan Baez.

    • Sarah has two remix albums: Remixed(2001) and Bloom: Remix Album (2005).

    • In 1992 Sarah recordad a Limited Edition Live EP at Harbourfront in Toronto, Ontario.

    • Sarah's 1988 album Touch was reissued in 1989 with new cover art.

    • In 2001, Sarah was awarded the Order of British Columbia.

    • Her album Surfacing has won multiple Grammy Awards and four Juno Awards.

    • Sarah's best-selling album to date is Surfacing.

    • Sarah participated in the 2002 British Columbia Cancer Foundation Benefit Concert in memory of cancer victim Michele Bourbonnais, along with other Canadian artists like Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, Barenaked Ladies, and Chantal Kreviazuk.

    • Sarah's piano version of the song Possession was included on the first "Due South", (a canadian TV series) soundtrack in 1996.

    • Sarah recorded her first album, Touch, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    • Sarah lost her mother while she was recording her album Afterglow in December, 2001.

    • Sarah was discovered when she was 18 years old.

    • Sarah's first number one hit was "Vox" from her album "Touch" on 1988.

  • Quotes

  • In the arms of the Angel...

    I found out about Sarah McLachlan while listening to the "Felicity" soundtrack, I was inmediatley caught by her voice, a beautiful sweet but strong voice.

    Sarah's albums let your emotions flow with every one of her songs, her lyrics stick to your heart and you can clearly see how she was evolving throughout her records...

    Sarah is definetly a great artist of our time, her live albums and DVDs shows you how commited she is for what she is doing and proves you that there's nothing fake on her, her voice or her skills, you can listen to her playing the guitar or the piano in a way that sends you to the clouds...

    If you still haven't listened something about her, the give her a chance, you won't regret it...moreless
  • Sarah McLachlan has a golden voice, charming people of all ages with her depth of voice and growing maturity.

    having classics such as "Building a Mystery" and "I Will Remember You" under her belt, McLachlan has much to be proud of. McLachlan has much success to pack away in memory. She deserves her success for being a fantastic singer. Afterglow, her latest release is a very mature and melancholy colaboration. I am quite impressed by her versatility.