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  • A decent Ash Ketchum, and a decent voice actor now...her Delia needs work, though.

    Initially, I started out as a huge hater of Sarah Natochenny's Ash Ketchum (and the new dub crew in general). I hated her voice in the Battle Frontier Season, I hated it even more in the Sinnoh Seasons (same went for Brock- I didn't like the deeper voices), but in the Black and White Season, I've come to like Sarah's work. It's no longer deep, throaty, or as forced as before. I don't think she's on par with Veronica by any means, though, (the same can be said about the whole TPCi crew- I still and probably will prefer the entire 4Kids dub crew), but she's finally got a decent voice for the role and it sounds believable. That's good enough for me. Her Delia, however, is not so good. I hope she works on that voice. ;)
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    Sarah Natochenny is an extreme talent. She has done outstanding work as the voice of Ash Ketchum, as well as many other amazing characters in the Pokémon anime.

    She has a distinctive and energetic voice that perfectly captures the youthful and adventurous spirit of Ash Ketchem. And she will continue to provide us with her talent for years to come.
  • Sorry, but Natochenny just can't replace Veronica Taylor's voice.

    I've only heard Sarah Natochenny's voice on Pokemon, so that's my guide for writing this review. After the eighth season of Pokemon, Pokemon USA got the rights to dub the show, causing new voice actors to be hired. One of them was Sarah Natochenny who would now play Ash Ketchum. I have to say that Sarah Natochenny just can't replace Veronica Taylor's voice. I do understand that teenager's voices are supposed to change, but he sounds more like an adult than a young, ten-year-old boy. In fact, she makes him sound like he has a bad cold. This makes the newer episodes almost unbearable to watch.
  • The main reason why I love her (as an actress) is because she plays on my favorite show Pokemon. She does GREAT work!

    Like I said in my review if you missed it, I love 'cause she's on my favorite show, Pokemon. She does the voice of Ash Ketchum the star/ main character of the show. We (the Auddience) first got a glimpse of her voice in The Pokemon 10th Anniversery special "Master Mind of Mirage Pokemon" and not many people liked the new voice. In fact some people hate the new voices brought over from Pokemon USA. I personally will be good with anything, just as long as they don't take away Ash or Pikacu. Besides that she is VERY talented, good job!