Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin


2/11/1964, Sandpoint, Idaho

Birth Name

Sarah Louise Heath


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Sarah Palin was the Republican Governor of Alaska (December 4, 2006 July 26, 2009) and was Senator John McCain's vice-presidential running mate in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. She grew up in Wasilla, Alaska, and has lived there much of her life. She played on Wasilla's state champion…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Palin has said she would like to run for the republican nomination of president in 2012.

    • Palin became a grandmother when her daughter Bristol gave birth to a son, Tripp Easton Mitchell.

    • On December 1, 2008, Sarah Palin began campaigning for Republican Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss in a runoff election to be held at a later time.

    • Sarah Palin lost her chance in 2008 to become Vice President to John McCain when McCain lost the election to Barack Obama.

    • Sarah Palin has stated that she enjoys hunting, fishing, and running marathons.

    • On December 4, 2006, Sarah Palin officially took office as the Governor of Alaska.

    • On October 2, 2008, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden participated in the first Vice Presidential Debate of the 2008 Presidential Election.

    • While serving as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has earned approval ratings of 90%.

    • Sarah Palin earned the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" while playing high school basketball due to, in part, to her fiercely competitive nature.

    • Sarah Palin is the first woman to run on a Republican Presidential ticket and the second woman for Vice President for a major party.

    • On August 29, 2008, John McCain announced that Sarah Palin was going to be his running mate in the 2008 Presidential election.

    • After getting married to her husband Todd, Sarah helped run her husband's family's commercial fishing business.

    • Sarah Palin has resided in Skagway, Eagle River and Wasilla, all of which are located in Alaska.

    • Sarah Palin has stated that her favorite food is moose stew.

    • Sarah Palin's parents have four children, with Sarah being the third.

    • Sarah Palin is chairwoman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, as well as chairwoman of the National Governors Association Natural Resources Committee.

    • Sarah Palin has stated that she is a lifetime member of the National Riffle Association.

    • Sarah Palin attended the University of Idaho in 1987, where she received a bachelor of science degree in communications-journalism.

    • Sarah Palin and her husband Todd have five children.

    • When Sarah Palin was elected governor of Alaska in 2006, she became the youngest governor of Alaska, as well as the first woman ever to serve as governor of Alaska.

  • Quotes

    • (at the 2008 Republican National Convention)
      Sarah Palin: We are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and ... a servant's heart. I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the United States.

    • Sarah Palin: I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman.

    • Sarah Palin: (talking about politics) Politics isn't just a game of competing interests and clashing parties. The people of America expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reasons. And the right reason is to challenge the status quo and to serve the common good.

    • Sarah Palin: Well, it's always, though, safer in politics to avoid risk, to just kind of go along with the status quo. But I didn't get into government to do the safe and easy things.

  • My New Hero!

    From the depths of Alaska, in a small city outside of Anchorage, Alaska, a girl named Sarah Palin lived. Over the years she started to gain a reputation and today, she is like a super star. Sarah Palin, her name is known all over america. simply because she's funny and the vp for john mccain!

    I think sarah palin is totally awesome. even if she doesn't get the white house, or close to it, she's still really cool and stuff. she's done a lot for alaska and will do a lot for america. she is a great roll model too. Overall, sarah palin is totally awesome and to all those joe 6 packs out there...mavrick xDmoreless
  • She's amazing, and she's now my new hero!

    Well, around August 20th or so, John McCain chose his new vice president in Dayton, Ohio (and I happen to live in Ohio). Sarah Palin had immediately walked up and started soaking in attention. I had never heard a word about Sarah Palin, and didn't even know she existed until that day. My first impression was, "Oh, she's probably one of those attention-loving politician chicks," and left the room. But eventually I heard she was a pro-life conservative, and that's when I got interested. I became a Sarah Palin supporter, and the more I saw her, the more I totally fell in love with her.

    Sarah Palin is charming, gorgeous, funny, and I would love to have a friend just like her. She's on the right track and took a lot of hard knocks without blinking an eye. I give her a thumbs up, and now every time when it feels like the whole world is against me and I can't take it anymore and want to quit, I'll think of Palin. I hope I can be more like her. She is my role model. And her Downes Syndrome baby is adorable, I'm glad she kept him and I gurantee he will be a blessing to the earth.