Sarah Parish

Sarah Parish


1/1/1969, Yeovil, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

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Sarah Parish


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Sarah grew up in Yeovil, Somerset and moved to London at the age of 17.She attended Preston comprehensive then later received an A-level in theatre studies at Yeovil college.Shortly after she enrolled at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.Sarah began her acting career in music theatre before…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sarah married her former Cutting It co-star James Murray on December 15, 2007.

    • As of late 2007, Sarah is pregnant and expecting her first child.

    • Sarah Parish plays Katie in "Mistresses", which is a sexy, sophisticated and bold take on the lives of four women and their involvement in an array of illicit and complex relationships.She is the rock of the group and a respected GP, her friends think she is a long-term singleton, but she is secretly grieving over the loss of a terminally ill patient with whom she has been having a two year affair. Katie's carefully constructed existence is threatened when his son, Sam, arrives at her work with a note from his father's lover, determined to find out who she is.

    • For her role in Recovery Sarah agreed to do a nude scene. However, she claims she wouldn't normally strip-off if it was merely gratitious, but only for the sake of the plot.

    • Sarah has experimented within her profession recently, departing from acting to direct a BBC drama about fertility, entitled Baby Boom.

    • Sarah has also appeared in quite a few radio dramas, which include: Snapper; The Goldfish Bowl; Room at the Top and Parting Shots, which was a film made for radio.

    • Alongside actress Dervla Kirwan Sarah owns Aphra Productions, a production company.

    • Sarah describes her overall life plans as to own a lovely country house, have kids and just be happy.

    • Sarah wanted to pursue a career in dancing but admits that she was both too lazy and the wrong shape, with broad shoulders.

    • As research for her role in Recovery along side David Tennant, Sarah visited a family, the husband of whom had a very serious brain injury.

    • Sarah was hit over the head with a handbag by a Cutting it fan after her character walked out on husband Gavin Ferraday for Finn Bevan.

    • Sarah began dating James Murray, her former Cutting It co-star, at the end of summer 2005.

    • Sarah is close friends with her former Cutting It co-star Amanda Holden.

    • Sarah has continuously had roles as Northern women; Dawn Rudge in Peak Practice Allie Henshall in Cutting It and Natalie Holden in Blackpool.

    • Sarah has a keen interest in swimming, fencing and scuba diving.

    • Sarah owns a dog named Pig with whom she lives in Islington, London. However, she is considering moving to Surrey.

    • Sarah had a small role in the 2006 film The Holiday.

    • Sarah has frequently co-starred with David Tennant in Recovery, Blackpool and Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride.

    • Whilst waiting for acting jobs to come along, Sarah sold chocolate to earn money. She has also had a job selling fake gold chains in Woodgreen Shopping City.

    • Sarah first gained national recognition in the UK when she advertised Boddington's beer. However, she admits that she has never been able to drink it since, after rehearsing for hours with real beer.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah:(On Mistresses) I know it's crazy but I couldn't get my head around the fact that I was going to be in something called Mistresses. It wasn't until I saw the finished product that I went, 'Actually, I'm very proud to be in that.' I think it's a great piece of work.

    • Sarah: (On planning a wedding) You do find yourself becoming Monica from Friends. I have a big file on everything, and I've become slightly anal about things. I know way too much about flowers and veils.

    • Sarah: Obviously in my dreams I'd love to meet somebody who I fall in love with, and have a baby. But if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I'm not going to be one of those girls who go, 'Well I'm just going to have to stick with you then.' There's no point going for second-best.

    • Sarah: I think of acting as either feeling freezing cold or boiling hot, exhausted and sat in a stinky caravan with a cup of tea in a polystyrene cup.

    • Sarah:(On children)There's never going to be the right time, the perfect nine months when you finish a job and get pregnant the next day and then say 'What a stroke of luck I don't start my next job for another ten months!'
      You just have to make it work. People have been making it work for millions of years so I don't see why I can't when the time is right.

    • Sarah: (Talking about relationships) It's difficult when you get to this age. The pressure becomes more and more unbearable. What you've not got to do is jump into a relationship and try to make it work because you want a family. If it happens, it happens. Obviously, I have those ambitions to be a wife and a mother but there's no point in being panicky.

    • Sarah: In my worst nightmares, I imagine ending up single in a flat with 20 cats. I'd hate that.

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  • I find her acting predictable and un-versatile; for me her characters always seem to be coming from the same place. She's nice to watch a couple of times, certainly, but boring after that.moreless

    I liked her in 'Hearts and Bones', and somewhat in 'Cutting It' but beyond that, I found the characters all seemed to be speaking with the same rhythm and the actors' 'tricks' are rather obvious. I find it hard to believe in her characters.

    Having caught some of 'Blackpool', I was disappointed in the acting, and the same was true of the drama with Marc Warren, where they swapped sexes (which I watched because the premise seemed like a fun and promising one).

    Perhaps a lot of the trouble is that she does not take risks with her roles - they are, in the majority, middle-class women with a bit of vulnerability and a lot of waspishness. There are no 'out-there' roles for this actress. That's fine as a professional choice, but it makes for a boring, predictable watching experience and not great acting skills. I think broadcasters and audiences alike feel 'safe' with Sarah, but that's not very inspiring, to my mind, and there are plenty of less-used actresses who knock the socks off her.moreless