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  • Trivia

    • Sarah and her Road to Avonlea co-star Zachary Benett also co-starred in the CBC made for TV movie Latern Hill (1990) based an another book by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

    • Sarah sat on the jury at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

    • Road To Avonlea starring Sarah was retitled Tales From Avonlea by Disney for North American video release.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: I used to think it was because I thought it was important to build up an indigenous film industry - but now I realise I'm incapable of living anywhere else. I'm a real homebody.

    • Sarah: If Canadian films don't have a purpose, then what are we still doing here? We're beginning to freak out a little. Why make a commitment with so little reward? The Canadian films out there have been so weak, it's been kind of depressing.

    • Sarah: I think you have to keep your distance from mainstream Hollywood in order to be a normal human being. I mean, I work there, and I like being there, but I love having an anonymous life.

    • Sarah: You spend a lot of time wanting to be with the wrong person and I just feel incredibly lucky because I've succeeding at that one thing. I figured that out.

    • Sarah: (comparing the movies Dawn of the Dead and The Passion of the Christ) They've got only one guy who comes back from the dead. We've got millions.

    • Sarah: The guy who taught me to use the shotgun was a complete gun nut. I asked, 'Is the safety on when it's to the right or off when it's to the right?' And he said, 'The way I like to remember it is right is safe, like the government, and left is unsafe, like the people we are shooting at.' And I'm thinking, 'I'm in a room with my worst nightmare who's teaching me how to shoot a shotgun. How did this happen to me?'

    • Sarah: Really, for two or three months of my year I organise stuff, but I'm not as involved as I used to be.

    • Sarah: I'd been very politically involved for a couple of years and I wanted a break, so I did The Sweet Hereafter in 1997.

    • Sarah: I was pretty uninterested in acting until I was about 17.

    • Sarah: The reason why I stayed in Canada had everything to do with the kind of films we used to make before the commercial mandate came in effect at Telefilm. They were films that asserted an independent vision of the world. They weren't just cheap versions of American genre films, but movies that spoke to the human condition. Now, I'm beginning to wonder why I stayed and if it was a huge mistake.

    • Sarah: If you have the opportunity to do things which have some meaning I don't know why you would choose to do other things. I understand that many people don't have that opportunity but I do right now so I'm happy to hold out for the films which have something to contribute.

    • Sarah: My relationship is the thing I'm proudest of in my life. I had a lot of opportunities to end up in some pretty bad situations, and despite all my faults I had the sense to find someone like him and make the decision to be with him.

    • Sarah: I can't say I regret it but I certainly wouldn't let my child act at an early age.

    • Sarah: It was the beginning of a long career of incredibly cold, sparse, barren landscapes.

    • Sarah: I always think it's a bit of a joke when I get described as an activist.

    • Sarah: I wanted to go to university and never think about acting again.

    • Sarah: It is important to me to stay in Canada.

    • Sarah: I think there's definitely such a thing as being too famous.

    • Sarah: I was so young then, 18. I'm really comfortable in sadness so I don't get depressed doing stuff like that. I actually find it invigorating. It was an amazing experience.

    • Sarah: It takes terrible things to live well.

    • Sarah: I missed out on a traditional childhood but I had something else that got me to what I am doing today.

    • Sarah: I started acting when I was four. My first experience on a film set was in dead of winter. Now I realise that almost every film I've ever been in is like that.

    • Sarah: This is the next generation of filmmakers and our films are going to get more interesting as they reflect the new Canadian experience...of Canada's and of their cultures.

    • Sarah: I ended up completely falling in love with acting.