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Sarah Reinertsen


5/22/1975, Trabuco, CA

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Sarah Reinertsen is a 32 year old woman with a leg deformity called proximal femoral focal defiency (PFFD). She is a motivational speaker from Trabuco, CA. Since she was the age of seven, she has been physically disabled in one leg. Sarah's proudest accomplishment was being the first…more

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  • Trivia

    • During their six legs in The Amazing Race 10, Peter and Sarah managed to finish two legs in first place.

    • Sarah's favorite music is house music, Ian Pooley, Danny Tenaglia, Gene Farris, Mark Farina, etc.

    • Sarah's general interests are individual sports, running (particularly in the marathon), cycling, ironman, triathlons of all distances, biking and swimming.

    • Sarah works as a motivational speaker. The topics she speaks on is "Getting to your finish line" and "Dare to live an amazing life."

    • Sarah is the first above-knee amputee to win the Ironman triathlon.

    • Sarah's zodiac sign is Gemini

    • Sarah uses 3 different types of prosthetic legs--one for running, one for biking and a "barbie" leg, which is for social purposes.

    • Sarah has been missing part of her left leg since she was seven years old.

    • Sarah's official website is

    • Sarah's favorite movies are anything by Pedro Almodovar

    • Sarah's favorite music is anything by Ian Pooley, Danny Tenaglia, Gene Farris, and Mark Farina.

    • Sarah graduated from George Washington University with a major in communications and minor in international affairs. She then went to University of California-Los Angeles and got her masters degree in broadcast journalism.

    • Sarah resides in Mission Viejo, California.

    • Sarah is featured in a 2007 ad for the Lincoln MKZ.

    • Sarah and Peter Harsch both trained for Ironman Hawaii and did this right before participating on the tenth season of The Amazing Race. This happened late 2006.

    • In 2000, Sarah graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master's degree in broadcast journalism. Her first post-grad job was to cover the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia, for "We Media, Inc.". When she returned to the States she landed a job in New York City working as an on-camera reporter and producer for "US Olympic Gold", a half-hour sports magazine show nationally syndicated on NBC. She also worked annually as an on-air correspondent covering the NYC marathon live on WNBC-NY. Following on six years later, she participated in The Amazing Race which was more than she could ever face but she made it.

    • When Sarah returned home from the 1992 games, she took a break from the track to pursue her studies at The George Washington University in Washington DC. The University didn't have a track team, so Sarah stopped training for the 100m and 200m. Although, it wasn't long before she was back out there running, instead of only racing to see what speed she could achieve Sarah wanted to see just how far she could go, running longer and longer distances. It wasn't always easy as she began to train and her running distances increased. She is now running in 5km and 10km road races and eventually, during her last semester at George Washington University, she ran her very first marathon which was the 1997 NYC marathon - with a time of 6:28.

    • In 1992, Sarah represented the United States at the Paralympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Although she went to the games as a world record holder in her event, she had a shocking race. Unfortunately because of that race, she did not advance to the final heat.

    • At the age of 13, Sarah first broke the 100m world record for female above-knee amputees and amazingly today at age 31 she still holds the world record with a time of 17.99 seconds, along with the current world records for the 200m and 400m in her class. Sarah soon discovered that she became the youngest member of the US Disabled Track Team and began to compete nationally and internationally.

    • At the age of 11, Sarah began running track, largely because it was the one thing people didn't expect her to do. As a young girl with an artificial leg, she experienced very difficult times in her teen years but nothing stopped her from running in racers.

    • Although Sarah is only in her early thirties, she has already traveled around the world, and has run in races in places such as New Zealand, Europe, Cuba, and all over the United States.

    • Sarah was racing on the first six episodes of The Amazing Race 10 and that only. At the end of the sixth episode, her and Peter (her partner) were eliminated.

    • Sarah has always wanted to participate in The Amazing Race and this was from the moment she saw the show. While in Hawaii training for the Ironman world championships she told Peter (her friend) that he should check out the show. He did, they applied and the rest is history.

    • Sarah had trouble with her prosthetic knee while competing in The Amazing Race. She says it was the hydraulic seals inside of the knee, a problem that would normally require sending it back to the factory in the United States for repair. Unfortunately, being on the Race didn't allow that. She did pack a spare, but due to the demands of the Race and a little bad luck, that knee blew out too.

    • Since she participated in The Amazing Race 10, Sarah has been getting incredible response, especially when she wears shorts. While in New York, she had a gentleman come up to her and say "I just want to shake your hand. I have two friends that came back from Iraq and they're both suicidal. They lost their limbs over in the Mid-East. And they started watching The Amazing Race and you've given them hope in their lives. They believe they can go on and live and have an incredible life, so thank you for that. "Sarah was very happy to hear this.

    • Sarah says that participating on The Amazing Race has been the greatest but hardest thing she has done in her life so far. She feels incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity.

    • Sarah's motto is "I'm an athlete. I'm a paralympian. I'm a woman.

    • Peter and Sarah are no longer dating and are just friends. They both decided this after getting eliminated from The Amazing Race.

    • While participating on The Amazing Race, Sarah and her team mate Peter visited a total of five countries. Of all the countries they visited, Sarah says Mongolia was just stunning. While Mongolia is her favorite country that they visited, her favorite memory is the Great Wall of China. As for her worst moment, Sarah says driving around and around in Kuwait was the hardest day for them as this was their final day on the race.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: (while driving to the Detour on leg 6 and seeing a 'Detour Ahead' road sign) Detour Ahead, that's true!

    • Sarah: (before a challenge on leg 6 of The Amazing Race 10) I don't mind being in skyscrapers, but I don't know if I like climbing up them!

    • Sarah: (on leg 1 of The Amazing Race 10) I know in my heart I can be tougher than the race.

    • Sarah: My feelings for Peter have changed. Sometimes I'm not always impressed with his temperament in the situation or even towards me.

    • Sarah: (on leg 4 of The Amazing Race 10) We made up so much ground. That should be enough to make me feel good right now, but it doesn't.

    • Sarah: (on leg 2 of The Amazing Race 10) I'm just getting teary. I'm not losing it. I'm just frustrated.

    • Sarah: (on leg 1 of The Amazing Race 10 when the Chinese people wouldn't pay her to do tricks) They won't pay, but they'd pay at a zoo!

    • Sarah: (on leg 1 of The Amazing Race 10) I know in my heart I can be tougher than the rest.

    • Sarah: (regarding the considerable pain in the prosthetics) When I was a kid, my health insurance company said the policy originally stated we will give you one artificial leg for your lifetime. I was 7 years old when I had my amputation. How am I going to use the same leg for my entire life from the age of 7 on?

    • Sarah: (referring to her Prosthetics) The design is based on the hind leg of a cheetah, which is the fastest land animal. When I come down on that foot, it compressed and, then when I release, come off that toe, it's actually giving me a bit of a bounce, a bit of a push, which helps propel me to the next step, thus making me faster.

    • Sarah: (referring to her achievement in the triathlon) I've been an amputee for over 20 years, so I have seen such a tremendous change in the technology, and truly the breakthroughs that I've experienced have helped me to live a fuller life.

    • Sarah: (referring to their elimination from The Amazing Race 10) I've gotten to see a lot of sides to Peter on this trip and he's really not the person for me.

  • Sarah Reinertson is a talented girl who made wise choices while participating on The Amazing Race 10

    Sarah Reinertson is a talented girl who made wise choices while participating on The Amazing Race 10.

    Her and Peter himself participated on The Amazing Race 10 and finished in seventh. They were eliminated in Kuwait on the sixth leg. Peter was terrible to her, getting her to do all the hard Roadblocks (which he should have done) while she had to go through with it!

    Getting eliminated told viewers what she really thought of this Peter and how she deserves someone much better than himself.

    Overall, she made great efforts in two first place finishes and worked really hard to get she has gotten over the years with her running and atheletics. Well done Sarah!moreless