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Sarah Roemer

Sarah Roemer


8/28/1984, San Diego, California, USA

Birth Name

Sarah Christin Roemer


  • Jason Ritter as Sean Walker and Sarah Ro...
  • Jason Ritter as Sean Walker and Sarah Ro...
  • Sarah Roemer as Leila Buchanan on The Ev...
  • Sarah Roemer as Leila on The Event.
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Sarah has been making quite a scare in the acting world from her work in several teen based horror movies, most notably as Ashley, the bikini-clad girl that the main character watches in Disturbia. She also plays Madison in Asylum, Carly in Fired Up!, and Leila in the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sarah stars as Emma, the mom who has a 6-year-old daughter in a coma, in Locked In which is one of the entries in the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.

    • Sarah co-stars as Andy in Hachi: A Dog's Tale. Andy is the daughter of the professor guy (played by Richard Gere) who takes care of Hachi.

    • Sarah stars as the title character Madison Walker in the independent film Waking Madison by Katherine Brooks. The movie also stars Elisabeth Shue as her doctor. It was produced in 2007, and is slated for release in 2010.

    • Sarah is featured in the article, "So-easy summer beauty" by Beauty and Fashion Editor Megan O'Connell, in a 2007 issue of Natural Health magazine. Each page has a brief set of beauty tips on simplifying getting ready to go out along with a picture of Sarah modeling clothes, makeup style, or jewelry. She also considers her personal style fairly casual, mostly jeans and flip-flops.

    • Sarah was featured in the Spring 2007 issue of Nylon Guys magazine in an article titled "Model Behavior" where she talks about modeling in Milan, shooting for The Grudge 2, and her previous acting experience.

    • After stating in several interviews that she would like to try acting in something besides a horror or thriller movie, Sarah finally landed a starring role with Rachael Leigh Cook in The Golden Door which is a romantic comedy slated for release in 2008.

    • Sarah's favorite music artists include Fiona Apple and David Bowie. In the Space Meat interview, she also considers herself "the only person in California who enjoys country music."

    • When asked on the Space Meat interview about gadgets she could not do without, Sarah mentioned her cell phone and The Internet.

    • Sarah has a brother who is two years older.

    • Sarah grew up in Coronado (San Diego area), and frequently returns to the area from her residence in Los Angeles. She also owns some dogs that she likes to take on beachside walks.

    • Sarah has a feature article in the April 2007 issue of GQ where she talks briefly about Asylum and her recent interest in motorcross bike riding. She has also mentioned in other interviews that she enjoys riding horses and surfing.

    • Sarah's first on-screen kiss was with Shia LeBeouf on Disturbia. In an interview she considered it a little awkward with their director so close by, but she enjoyed it. In a video interview with Current, Sarah comments that Shia told her it was his first on-screen kiss too, but learned later on that it was a lie.

    • In an interview with Teen Hollywood, Sarah mentions she left home when she turned 17 and went to New York.

    • Sarah also appears on-camera with co-star Shia LeBeouf and director D.J. Caruso to provide a DVD Video Commentary for the Disturbia movie.

    • When asked about the bikini scene in Disturbia, Sarah remarked that she wasn't really nervous about her body because she had swimsuit modeled before, however, she was more shocked about the guys' leering comments.

    • Sarah managed to land her first major film role in Wristcutters: A Love Story while she was at a coffeehouse, and got noticed by her soon-to-become manager, and a casting director, who complimented her and the cute dog she was with. In a similar incident beforehand, she was discovered by a modeling agent at age 15 when she was getting coffee on her way to school at a 7-Eleven.

    • Sarah was the cover model of the Summer 2004 issue of Sportswear International fashion magazine.

    • Sarah is represented by LA Models, which is located in Los Angeles, and Fashion Model Management, which is located in Milan.

    • According to Fashion Model Directory, Sarah is 5'9", blonde hair, blue eyes, dress size of 4, shoe size 9, and women's measurements are 34-23-34. Maxim has Sarah listed as 5'7".

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