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  • Talented mix-blood beauty. Gorgeous. Maybe best known for Carmen in The L word. btw.. why the hell some directors are so obsessed with fixing her up with UGLY man in the play?! :S What a coincidence?!

    Sarah is a good actress but I think she may wish to try more different roles and roles with different background. It seems like she can handle those perfectly well: stunning, gorgeous, Latina, hot, persian gal, etc, the roles she played invovle such common features, one or more. But i am afraid that all these may somehow have unexpected side-effect on her, as one needs to get beyond all these 'advantages' and make a real breaktrhough, otherwise there is a risk of glass-ceiling. For example, You know, it's awesome when everybody remember Sarah as Carmen because she made it shining and impressing, totally mark our memory. However,it is poisonous to her career as she's gonna be 'labelled' Carmen for a long time , and whenever she plays other role people feels pissed-off because they compare that role and what happen to that role with Carmen. eg They see Sarah as Carmen, and if they see Sarah with sb else, they got all nostagiac with Shane, or Sharmen. Of course, 'Carmen' is proved to be a huge success, one of her achievements. Hopefully we now know a lot of other roles she played other than Carmen. Sarah can not be Carmen forever, she will move on and is moving on. Carmen was out of the pic in Season 3 of TLW, Dani almost disappearred in the second half of Season Two, Life (coz in realife, she's having a baby! sweet...) But that will just make fans cry for more Sarah. LOL Congratz!!

    and also, just want dear Sarah to know that we the fans DID feel heartbroken every time she is assigned an UGLY and DISGUSTING man in the play. e.g. The Captain the Life (No offence to the actor personally). that is HORRIBLE...when ppl see they kissing...ewwww that is just way too ODD and WEIRD. . BUT---MOST IMPORTANTLY----
    Fewer - or better no ugly Daddy or Granpa for our Sarah, Directors. PLEASE. That is so insulting to us her fans. Well...syndrome of the above 'irony' theory. LOL and I boycot Life Season Two for the obvious reason. u know, that is just TOO HORRIBLE.well i am just kidding. u know, we love lovely Sarah.