Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman


12/2/1970, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA

Birth Name

Sarah Kate Silverman



Also Known As

Big S, Sarah 'Big S' Silverman
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Sarah Silverman is best known for her cutting stand-up comedy routines although her career also includes writing and acting for television and film. Born to Jewish-American parents Donald and Beth Ann Silverman in Bedford, New Hampshire, she has three sisters. Sarah started out as a writer for "Saturday…more


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    • Sarah: (about poking fun at Britney Spears and her children at the 2007 VMA's) The joke that everyone was most upset about--me calling the kids "adorable little mistakes"--was the most innocuous joke. It never occurred to me that this would be deemed hurtful or over the line. I don't want to get in feuds with girls half my age. I'm in it to be funny, not for the drama. It's embarrassing.

    • Sarah: And then before going back for my sophomore year, I decided to change my major to arts and sciences, and my dad cut a deal with me: He said if I'd quit school he'd pay my rent for the next three years, as if I were in school.

    • Sarah: (First time her mouth got her into trouble) Oh, I was young. My dad thought it would be funny to teach his little girl swear words. He thought it was hilarious when I would yell them at grocery stores.

    • Sarah: (On Masi Oka being in an episode of The Sarah Silverman Program) How about that? We shot the pilot before Heroes and I didn't even know he was a real actor! When we went to use him again they said he was doing some show called Heroes. I was like 'Tell him to blow it off! He'd rather do that than play a clerk?'"

    • Sarah: Comedically, this show is just what I dreamed, but I don't think we'll ever have a "very special episode" of The Sarah Silverman Program. I like real stuff, real relationship stuff, and having, like, feelings - but never in exchange for it being funny.

    • Sarah: I just think of myself as a comedian, really. I mean, I talk about being Jewish a lot. It's funny because I do think of myself as Jewish ethnically, but I'm not religious at all. I have no religion.

    • Sarah: I don't set out to offend or shock, but I also don't do anything to avoid it.

    • Sarah: People say I'm a nice girl saying terrible things. I tend to say the opposite of what I think. You hope that the absolute power of that transcends, and reaches the audience.

    • Sarah: People are always introducing me as "Sarah Silverman, Jewish comedienne." I HATE that! I wish people would see me for who I really am- I'm white!

  • Not funny.

    I do not think Sarah Silverman is at the least bit funny. I keep hearing how people say she is so funny, but I just don't see it nor do I have a clue about what they are talking about. I really do not like or respect comedians who make their trade on racist jokes. She isn't the only one that does it, but she pretty makes all her jokes about either race, religion, or something else. Overall, I do not like her at all, and I especially do not like her as a comedian. I just have to say that. Thank you.moreless
  • We get it already.

    Got to love comedians whose shtick is taken from things that didn't work 50 years ago. Yeah, I know: the really vicious one-liners that are done to make you say, "I thought she would never say that"; the fake smile; the attitude that if you don't laugh, there's something wrong with *you*; all of it gets very silly after a point. And it's a point that comes up faster than cops in a speed trap. People who like to do nasty humor shouldn't really get surprised when they tire out the listener very quickly. Sarah Silverman plays the idea of cuteness and then gets angry when you don't think her attitude is cute. She's another one who had so much potential, and threw it down the drain to rope in the 'dumb guy' set. Well, from someone outside that set, it's only her fault.moreless