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  • Not funny.

    I do not think Sarah Silverman is at the least bit funny. I keep hearing how people say she is so funny, but I just don't see it nor do I have a clue about what they are talking about. I really do not like or respect comedians who make their trade on racist jokes. She isn't the only one that does it, but she pretty makes all her jokes about either race, religion, or something else. Overall, I do not like her at all, and I especially do not like her as a comedian. I just have to say that. Thank you.
  • We get it already.

    Got to love comedians whose shtick is taken from things that didn't work 50 years ago. Yeah, I know: the really vicious one-liners that are done to make you say, "I thought she would never say that"; the fake smile; the attitude that if you don't laugh, there's something wrong with *you*; all of it gets very silly after a point. And it's a point that comes up faster than cops in a speed trap. People who like to do nasty humor shouldn't really get surprised when they tire out the listener very quickly. Sarah Silverman plays the idea of cuteness and then gets angry when you don't think her attitude is cute. She's another one who had so much potential, and threw it down the drain to rope in the 'dumb guy' set. Well, from someone outside that set, it's only her fault.
  • A true original in her field of stand-up comedy. Sarah says things that some Americans might think but it wouldn't be Politically Correct to express.

    Sarah's comedy is not for everyone...I am a big fan of hers due to her original take on taboo subject matter such as anal sex, the holocaust and Martin Luther King. Her multi-talented persona is spotlighted with her marvelous acting chops as well as hysterical songs that are performed surprisingly well. She is easy on the eyes which is a plus and her "Deep" material keeps you laughing in a mildly shocking, yet fully entertaining atmosphere. Sarah Silverman is her own person and her comedy reflects that totally. Her original "Jesus Is Magic" performance aptly represents her to the masses. Take it from there. I am looking forward to more!
  • She's one of the all-time nothing, why would she be called an all-time gret I just want to know what she did that made her so great so I say she's abit overused.

    Abit overused by MTV and I think she is a pretty funny comedien but she just goes way over board with her jokes and particularly when she is at an award show having to make jokes on actors, celebrities etc. I can take a joke here and there and give jokes here and there but then there comes to a point where you just ain't funny and you may be going alittle to far and pushing to much buttons with your jokes and I feel that way about her and especially recently when she was at the VMA's and she came on after Britney Spears bad performance and then Sarah jokes badly on Britney and her kids knowing that times are hard for Britney so I those jokes weren't funny and that they were uncalled for and real tacky and she should be banned from the VMA's just for those comments she made.
  • She is by far the funniest female comedian, and one of the funniest comedians ever!

    Sarah Silverman is remarkably talented and hilarious. It would have been a shame if she didn’t get a TV show after her exceptionally entertaining stand-up Jesus is Magic. Her dry humor seems like a breath of fresh air from the mediocre (at best) comedians like Dane Cook (ugh). I would pick her stand up over Dane Cook’s any day!! The Sarah Silverman Program is one of a kind! She expertly blends humor and musical numbers to create the freshest comedy of 2007! She is the only comedian I can think of her can pull off a comedy/musical genre show that well.

    Overall, I believe that she will continue to enjoy success and recognition as one of the best comedians to perform! EVER!
  • She’s hilarious! Genius! Best comedian ever!

    You have to be really talented to be this funny! She makes fun of everything, and everyone, but doesn’t make anyone upset! She makes fun of different religions, she makes fun of her own religions, she makes fun of horror movies, she makes fun of drama shows, people, animals, sex, you name it!
    Where does she come up with this stuff? I thought she was genius when she just did stand up comedy, but now the things she says on her shoes got you rolling around laughing. She isn’t just a great comedian, but she’s a terrific actor, and I would recommend this show to anyone. I was literally crying at one scene, it was so funny!
  • Sarah Silverman has been getting a lot of airtime lately with Crank Yankers, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The best Comedy of 2005. An upcoming star in the folds Sarah Silverman will be a big comedic person in the near future. In short SHES FRICKEN

    Sarah Silverman has been getting a lot of airtime lately with Crank Yankers, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The best Comedy of 2005. An upcoming star in the folds Sarah Silverman will be a big comedic person in the near future. In short sHES FRiCKEN HiLARIOUS and she will get her own show.
  • Sarah Silverman is easily the most talented female comedians and one of the best comedians ever.

    Sarah Silverman cracks me up. Plain and simple. She is so funny, she's fearless, she has perfect timing, and she's a great actress. She's probably one of my top 3 favorite comedians (her stand-up set is awesome) and I can't wait for Jesus is Magic. She does great at Roasts and she is always funny, no matter what she does. I will leave you with a few Sarah Silverman quotes :

    "You know who has a tiny vagina? Barbie... and not Klaus Barbie, the infamous Nazi... the other, smaller Barbie."

    "So we all went out and got wasted. I smoked pot, but that has nothing to do with the story. But I dared my friend Ron Lynch to dunk his balls into his drink. For a dollar. But he wouldn't do it. And I know why and it's because he knew that if he put them in his drink and they floated, we would know that his balls were a witch."

    "I was my favorite niece last weekend, and my... other niece."

    "If I learned anything, it's that racism is bad... and I mean bad, you know, like that black way."

    "I was raped by a doctor, which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl."

    "You know what babies love? Ethnic jokes."
  • Silent, but deadly.

    SS is not only the hottest woman on the TV, but she's the edgiest risk taker when it comes to playing with stereotypes, cultural taboos and plain ol' silly poop jokes. She makes my sides hurt. She makes me horny. If that's not a star, then I don't know what the TV is for.