Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson


10/25/1979, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Sarah Thompson


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Sarah Thompson, born in Los Angeles, entered the world on October 25th, 1979. From there, she got reasonably good education at Southern Illinois University. It was then, she started acting. When she was just beginning to be an actress, she had roles in Angel and Boston Public where…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I love to hate Sarah Thompson when she plays Rose on 7th Heaven.

    In my opinion, Sarah Thompson is an extremely tallented actress who definitely deserves to achieve big-time success as an actress. Her portrayal as the stuck up and self centered Rose is what made season 10 of 7th Heaven great. In my mind her appearance gave a new approach to idea of what self absorbed characters on TV are supposed to look like because before Sarah joined the cast of 7th Heaven, I had associated female characters who were selfish and mean as always having blond hair. Sarah took an already well written character and added so much to the role. She really did a good job of playing a character that helps show different sides (less saintly) to the members of the Camden family's personalities which for me, made the show 7th Heaven easier to relate to and more entertaining to watch. Rose is definitely one of the best characters that 7th Heaven has ever had, thanks lagely in part to Sarah Thompson's wonderful acting. I really hope that we get to see more of Sarah Thompson on TV in the future, and I hope that she goes on to achieve great success.moreless
  • I Despise Rose !!!!

    While i absolutly hate the Character Rose i\\\'ve got to Sarah Thompson alot of credit for making me feel so strongly about her character. She adds alot of personality to 7th Heaven wich i found to be going a tad stale the last year or so. I hate to admit it but i really hope Simon wakes up & sells the coffee & dump the bitch !!! Bravo Sarah for playing Rose so convincingly !!!moreless