Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies


6/1/1977, La Grange, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Sarah Anne Callies


  • Sarah Wayne Callies in The Walking Dead
  • Sarah Wayne Callies in The Walking Dead
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Sarah moved to Honolulu, Hawaii with her family when she was one. She was born in La Grange, Illinos and they moved after the death of a family member. Sarah graduated from Punahou High School in 1995 in Honolulu. Actress Kelly Preston, director Jim Simpson (husband of Sigourney…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sarah is in Maxim's 'The Hottest Women of Fall TV ´08' as her role as Sara Tancredi in Prison Break.

    • Sarah's publicist is Jodi Gottlieb.

    • When Sarah first auditioned for the role of Sara Tancredi, she suggested her character have an alcohol or drug problem, so the character was more believable. Later on, the Prison Break writers wrote in the drug addiction.

    • Sarah's birthday (June 1st) is only one day apart from that of Prison Break co-star Wentworth Miller's birthday (June 2nd).

    • Sarah plays a character called Marjorie Carter in the independent film The Celestine Prophecy (2006).

    • Sarah went to college and grad school, and studied Low-Flying Trapeze.

    • Even though Sarah grew up in Hawaii, she speaks little Hawaiian although she does enjoy traditional Hawaiian music.

    • When Sarah found out that her character's name on Prison Break would be Sara, she asked the producers to change it but they refused.

    • Sarah loves cooking; her signature dish is a jalapeño pasta sauce she makes from scratch.

    • If Sarah would have the choice she would like to work with George Clooney and Meryl Streep.

    • As a preparation for the role of Dr. Tancredi, Sarah spoke with a physician who worked at a penitentiary and visited a maximum security prison where she developed, according to her words, a lot of compassion for the people there.

    • When Sarah found out about the addiction storyline of her character in Prison Break, she talked to professionals and read the book Junkie. And she also watched Requiem for a Dream.

    • Sarah's first acting job on camera was in Queens Supreme where she played Kate O'Malley and appeared in 5 episodes.

    • In high school, Sarah landed her first lead in a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

    • Sarah is 5'8.5" (174 cm).

    • Sarah has a blue butterfly tattoo on her lower stomach.

    • Sarah was once chosen as one of the new faces of L'Oréal, and has been featured in an advertising campaign for the company.

    • Sarah's first leading role on television was portraying Detective Jane Porter in the television series Tarzan which was cancelled after only eight episodes had aired.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: (what grabbed her attention about Dr. Sara Tancredi) When I was originally sent the Pilot script, they just said, "Read it and think about which women you could play, and audition for the one you like." They were pretty surprised when I picked the smallest part in the entire Pilot. I really felt strongly that Sara must have a million layers to her. She seemed so protected by her sense of humor, wit, and irony. I thought she would become more and more interesting the more I spent with her. Sometimes, you get characters who are more on the nose- what you see it what you get. That seems less exciting, less challenging to me.

    • Sarah: (on being the only woman in Prison Break) I grew up with two stepbrothers and their friends, and every time you walked into the house there were eight guys gathered around with pizza, so I'm pretty used to it. I feel fortunate, though, that the guys are as kind as they are. They're very sweet now that I'm pregnant - (they say), "You should sit down", and "Do you want some milk?" Except Dominic. He has so many kids of his own, he's like, "She's fine!"

    • Sarah: (referring to the people who she saw when she visited a maximum security prison) I developed a lot of compassion for the people there.

    • Sarah: (on what season 3 of Prison Break will be like for her character) Sara ends up turning into somebody she didn't think she could be and I think that third season for her is going to be a lot about reckoning with those actions.

    • Sarah: (on the last few episodes of Prison Break's second season) The last three? The cast; it's getting smaller which I wish it was not.

    • Sarah: (on working long hours while pregnant) The long days get tiring, I worked I think 14 hours yesterday and I'll probably have a good 9, 10 tomorrow but usually what's nice, and I don't know if they're scheduling this on purpose or not, but they've done a great job scheduling me a big old 16-hour day and then a day off so I've got a day to kind of recover.

    • Sarah: (on gaining weight while pregnant) If you don't gain weight during pregnancy then something is really wrong with you. I think it's an exciting time to sort of ride the wave of where your body is going and it'll end and I'll figure out what to do next and it'll be fine.

    • Sarah: (on seeing herself get bigger on screen) I don't watch for that. I'm trying to make the acting better, I'm trying not to get obsessed with 'Oh my God I look huge'. That kind of a thing is not real healthy for your head.

    • Sarah: (on being pregnant in Hollywood) So many women do it right now. It's not the colossal disaster that it was in Hollywood, and I think that's something we're all very grateful for.

    • Sarah: (on the possibility of being killed off of Prison Break) We could all die at any minute for any reason, I figured pregnancy is no better nor worse than anything else, but we got lucky, and the majority of the pregnancy, the biggest part will be over hiatus so it's really not that big of a deal.

    • Sarah: (on telling the Prison Break producers that she was pregnant) Certainly I had some nerves before the phone call to the producers but they were very gracious and Matt Olmstead was kind enough to say 'You tell me how much time you need off, we'll have a job for you when you get back and don't worry about it'. It's what every woman wants to hear from her boss. So I was very grateful for that.

    • Sarah: (on weather or not she had second guesses about having this baby because of her job) I love my job but it's only television. This is my family, so no it was very exciting.

    • Sarah: (on wanting a boy or girl) I'm just happy for anything healthy.

    • Sarah: (on not gaining weight while pregnant) Maybe it's a boy? I don't know. That's what they tell you, that if it's basketball it's boy.

    • Sarah: (when asked if she was really pregnant) It's pretty public at this point (touches her belly) I don't think there's anything I can do to keep it private.

    • Sarah: (on having a favorite show) There was Da Ali G Show, back when we were blessed with Sacha Baron Cohen's brilliance, but I imagine we'll now have to wait with bated breath for his Bruno movie.

    • Sarah: (on Michael and Sara's second season reunion) Well, I put a lot of thought into it, but only so much of that thinking is relevant once you read the words that they've given you to say.

    • Sarah: (on weather or not Prison Break would take its planned hiatus after the first half of the second season) I have heard rumors in both directions; I have no confirmation. They may have to start filming live, then! (laughs) Because we're pretty close to the wire.

    • Sarah: (on whether or not she would be back for season two of Prison Break) The [first] season ends with me in some pretty extreme circumstances. That might be my last episode... or it might be in another five years. (laughs) There's no way for me to tell right now.

    • Sarah: (on her character in the movie Whisper) Oh, gosh, 'Roxanne' is about as different from 'Dr. Sara' as it gets - she has almost no education, she's very Catholic, she doesn't come from a lot of money, and she looks to the men in her life to provide every answer and every security.

    • Sarah: The writers called and they had very serious voices; They said "Sarah, we need to talk to you" and I thought "wow! Maybe my time on the show (Prison Break) has come to an end" They said "We want you to cut your hair" I said "OK" and off it went.

    • Sarah: (on finding out about her character's shocking back story) In fact, I had been out of town doing some publicity, and I got back to set the day the script had been released. Wentworth met me at my trailer and he was like, "Girl, you've got some work to do." (laughs)

    • Sarah: (on season 2 of Prison Break) I honestly wasn't sure the writers were going to be able to come up with a credible Season 2, but they've done a really lovely job.

    • Sarah: (on her relationship with her Prison Break co-star Wentworth Miller) We're pretty good friends, so we see each other socially and stuff. My life is not Wentworth-free, it's Michael-free. How is that?

    • Sarah: (on working with only Paul Adelstein on the first half of the second season of Prison Break) Well, Paul Adelstein is just an extraordinary professional, and I've had a great time working with him. But I miss Went! I do, I do. We had a lot of fun last season, and it was a joy to have Episode 10 together.

    • Sarah: (on shooting a tough scene like the one in which she got tortured on the S02E11 of Prison Break) It was nerve-racking, particularly when they rehearsed the scene with my stunt double, and during it she split her head open about two or three inches, blood gushing. That wasn't the most relaxing thing to see right before I did it!

    • Sarah: (on working with Wentworth Miller) He is... if every leading man I work with for the rest of my life is as kind and articulate and sexy and everything else.... (sighs)

    • Sarah: (on Wentworth Miller's looks) Have you seen him? Oh my God! Yes he's cute!

    • Sarah: (on what 'Low-Flying Trapeze' is) The idea behind it is that you've got a lifetime of habits from walking on the ground so if you hang from your arms and you sort of work from your head down you can get your alignment to a place where it could be more neutral and that way if your alignment is more neutral you can sort of transform into characters.

    • Sarah: (on her parents encouraging kids to pursue an education) You need huge amounts of support from your parents in order to be able to complete high school the way you want to complete high school and then go on to college. It's something that does have to become a family affair because otherwise there's so much to distract you now.

    • Sarah: (on her husband's feelings about the sexual tension on the set of Prison Break) My husband knows he's got me wrapped around his little finger. He's fine.

    • Sarah: (on Wentworth Miller) I consider it part of my job to make sure the fame doesn't go to his head.

    • Sarah: (joking about why most women are jealous of her and her job) I come to work, get someone to put makeup on me and then kiss Wentworth Miller.

    • Sarah: (on introducing her child to Hollywood) I would prefer to keep my child as far away from the entertainment industry as I possibly can.

    • Sarah: (on working with Wentworth Miller) As an actor he's ruined me for any other leading man. He's phenomenally professional, kind, giving and one of the smartest people I know. He's a dream come true.

    • Sarah: I love cooking. My signature dish? I make a pasta sauce from scratch that my husband loves. I add jalapeño peppers to give it a kick. You have to watch a man sweat when he eats a meal you make. It's important!

    • Sarah: (on growing up in Hawaii) It kept me out of trouble. On weekends, you'd wake up, go to the beach, go hiking, and by the time people in Iowa were drinking beer out of the back of a pickup truck, you were fast asleep.

    • Sarah: (on playing the role of a recovering drug addict on Prison Break) On behalf of friends [who deal with that issue] I wanted to get it right. I talked to a woman who was in recovery, I talked to a counselor, I watched Requiem for a Dream and Rush, and I read William S. Burroughs's Junky.

    • Sarah: (on sharing a name with her character on Prison Break) I begged them to change her name, but they were set on Sara. When I've played other characters, people will walk by you and holler your character's name and you know they're not talking to you. Now people can get me to turn around and talk. It's strange.

    • Sarah: Hollywood has completely changed in that regard (actresses being pregnant) and I think is nice that women aren't asked as much to choose between a career and a pregnancy.

    • Sarah: (about her cast mates from Prison Break) They take care of me. They're sort of, they're protective in a way, specially now that I became pregnant, they're like 'don't run!', 'sit down!', 'Can we bring you anything?'

    • Sarah: No, I don't (have a problem with being a mom in Hollywood) I absolutely don't. Thankfully we shoot (Prison Break) on location, so we're not in L.A., and I mean, you know? if I was looking for a babysitter Britney might not be the first person I call.

    • Sarah: I'm not a person who flies away with a hot guy and is away from my husband for 3 months. We travel together. I've been dependent...if he's in the same room the whole room glows, and I can't see others except him. Yeah, mm I think that's love.

    • Sarah: I can imagine that a few girls out there would fall for the guy that Wentworth plays. An English born hottie, with tattoos and shaved head. But I would not have done that. Contrasts attract each other, but I haven't been there when it comes to relationships. It is much dangerous out in the world, but I don't need to date them, if you know what I mean.

    • Sarah: (answering on the question what she likes to do in Dallas when she's not filming) Well, I've found the best gym - Doug's Gym on Commerce. I think the guy who owns it has forgotten more about fitness than most people will ever learn. And it seems like he's had the same equipment since the Korean War. The first day I went there, I asked him if he had any cardio machines, and he threw me a jump rope.

    • Sarah: (talking about Wentworth Miller) I would say he's unwavering. He's not afraid of who he is or who other people are. He's not afraid of celebrity, though I'm not sure he necessarily wants it, either. What I like about him is that you can't really throw him curveballs. It's not like he's pounding his chest with all this machismo, but he's just fearless.

    • Sarah: (talking about reading the script for Prison Break) You certainly never know when you're reading a script if it might be your last. But I'm not afraid, because this experience for me has been so rewarding. I'll still be grateful if it ends next week. when you give a job too much power over your happiness, it affects your performance. You make decisions that are safe, which I definitely don't want to do.

    • Sarah: (answering on the question what she's addicted to) Wouldn't it be awful if the answer were something like heroin? Kidding. My addiction? Probably Project Runway - best show on TV, hands down. And good food, too. Meals are reason I wake up in the morning.

    • Sarah: I still think the highest benchmark for any actor is to be on Broadway. When I talked to my theatrical agent on my chances, he said, 'Oh, get famous first and be successful in film and TV.'

    • Sarah: I'm very critical of myself and my own work -- it's part of my academic background. ... I feel I'm still on the bottom of the learning curve, still trying to perfect my craft.

    • Sarah: Even though my husband and I have moved to New York, I haven't been in a play -- not for the lack of trying. It seems I'm best suited, at the moment, for film and TV.

    • Sarah: I found the researching academic's life was really lonely. It drove me crazy, also because I fell in love and married a more social person.

      I thought about it long and hard, and realized that the time I spent onstage was when I was really more myself and at ease. So, late in the game, I went to the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, Colo.

    • Sarah: (on becoming an academic because both her parents are academics) Part of me always assumed I would be an academic. ... I still do love academics and university settings, and have so much respect for the lifestyle.

    • Sarah: (talking about Prison Break) It's amazing to me. With a cast that is not only so big but so young and good-looking, usually you'd think there'd be one big ego that everybody would have to dance around. If there is, I haven't worked with [that person] yet.

    • Sarah: (talking about Wentworth Miller and Josh Holloway) I am a rather lucky girl when it comes to costars. The nice thing for me is that they are as kind and professional as they are attractive. That's more important to me. They're both lovely guys and terrific to work with.

    • Sarah: (on not being "the sexy one" on Prison Break) I tell you, it's an interesting position to be in, because when Wentworth and I shoot these scenes it's so refreshing for me to feel that as the woman in the scene, I'm not the sex object, it's him. He's the one taking his shirt off and getting beautiful lights shined in those big blue eyes of his, while I just sit there in my lab coat doing my thing. [Laughs] I kind of appreciate it.

    • Sarah: (on a rumor that she won't be back for season two of Prison Break) I don't tend to believe anything I've heard until it's in front of me in a script, so at this point, yeah, I feel completely up in the air. I've heard rumors going in a couple of different directions...

    • Sarah: In the very first conversation I had with [Prison Break creator] Paul Scheuring about the character, back when we were shooting the pilot, I suggested it would be interesting to play her as a recovering alcoholic, partly because I'm very suspicious of people who do good things for no reason. Seeing what a big heart she has, I wanted to give that some place to come from. Paul and I had that conversation and literally didn't mention it again to each other until I got the script for that episode.

    • Sarah: My husband and I are in New York, for hiatus, and we left most of our stuff in our apartment in Chicago. And to be honest, I've been saturated with television, so I've decided to do without it for a few months. I'm enjoying it!

  • We are here to support you.. defend you. Aja!

    Hey Sarah, whatever your bashers say about you, it doesn't matter. You just got to believe in us. We're here for you. ^^ God Speed.
  • the walking dead is the best title ever

    I really enjoyed every episodes of all the seasons i hope the new episodes are just as great as the last three seasons i hope they last more than 10 seasons this is one program i know that there will be tuned in to see even better than a soap opera