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  • We are here to support you.. defend you. Aja!

    Hey Sarah, whatever your bashers say about you, it doesn't matter. You just got to believe in us. We're here for you. ^^ God Speed.
  • the walking dead is the best title ever

    I really enjoyed every episodes of all the seasons i hope the new episodes are just as great as the last three seasons i hope they last more than 10 seasons this is one program i know that there will be tuned in to see even better than a soap opera

  • You know the girl is talented when all her fans join together to get her back on the show! SWC is loved for many reasons.

    SWC is great on the screen and off. When Sara is on 'Prison Break' she is really able to light up the tv screen. Compared to many of the other actor on that show she has so much versatility. She can act out anger, angst, light-hearted, and romantic scenes perfectly. SWC was also great on 'Tarzan' back in the day. (I would definitely encourage people to check it out)

    I also like her because in interviews she always seems down to earth, intelligent, and naturally beautiful. We REALLY need more role models like SWC for girls these days. I though it was hilarious that one time she was asked who she would be girlfriends with "Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton?" She said Jennifer Garner. Haha!! She is too cute. Also she donates to a environmental charity. How can you not love that? : )

    I can't wait to see her every week in Prison Break and in other things in the future!!
  • sarah callies is one of the actors in the hit tv series "prison break.

    she's one of my favorite actress and i can say that she really is talented . im glad that she's back on prison break , her portrayal as dr. sara tancredi is really great . i love the way she acts and she really is indeed one of the greatest actress.i first saw her on prison break , ilove that show and i can see what a great actress she is by portraying her role amazingly each day .no matter what role you give her she can portray it nicely and not all actors are like that .more power to her :) .
  • I adore Sarah's role as Sara Tancredi on Prison Break and I think she's gorgeous.

    I think Sarah is a beautiful and talented actress. I love her role of Dr. Sara Tancredi on the Fox show Prison Break.

    I've recently watched two movies that she's been in, Whisper and Bittersweet. Neither movie was too great, but Sarah's acting in Whisper was amazing.

    I'm very glad they brought her back for the fourth season of Prison Break, because even though I knew she wasn't dead when I finally watched the third season of Prison Break, it was still not as entertaining with her not in the show.

    I hope she'll remain to be a main character on Prison Break, and I hope to see her in some upcomig films! :D
  • egyption pharaoh

    sarah>>>>>>>>>> from egypt we all love u .......................go on u are the best :) as we say in egypt u are really like a friends and me were crying when we saw u in sesion 3 and were thinking that they really killed u our not.... we all very happy we u saw u again ....u know Iam an engineer too but Iam still studing at cairo university ...I was so interested to see woman like u love scofeld that is eng too :) I really thinking of love like he and u .... u are like Romeo and Juliet
  • i like her as a actress. very good she just act like very natural like went miller. i adore her. she is very pretty,soft and beautiful face and pretty eyes. she acted like it's really happening to her very intense especially what happened to her dad.

    she so strong in this part were she was pushing by this fbi agent to answer his question about her dad.
    it looks very real and as she jumped out the window that is impressive. alson when she pressed the iron against the fbi agent of my gosh incredible.
    the way she survived the drowning from the tub amazing. she did pretty well there. there are lots of good things about her. she not only pretty, but she is good actress and she know what she is doing.
    i am hoping that i will see her again with another movie series. but now i coudn't wait for her new movie series "The Walking Dead" i can't wait.
  • Very talented yet charming actress!!!

    Her break-out was in prison break..Dr.Sara Trancredi will NEVER be forgotten!! =)...very telented!! charming!! beautiful!! funny!! intelligent!! poise!! awesome!!! charismatic!!! she is very original!! oh,she should marry wentworth miller!! they are so hot together...sarah should be given a chance to play good role in big movies..
    Her break-out was in prison break..Dr.Sara Trancredi will NEVER be forgotten!! =)...very telented!! charming!! beautiful!! funny!! intelligent!! poise!! awesome!!! charismatic!!! she is very original!! oh,she should marry wentworth miller!! they are so hot together...sarah should be given a chance to play good role in big movies..All the best Sarah Wayne are very much loved by everyone..
  • Made her big break in Prison Break and has been a well-known favourite since. We feel what she feels and love what she loves. Sarah Wayne Callies also known as Sarah Tancredi on Prison Break; a terrific drama.

    I first knew about Sara Wayne Callies on Tarzan which was my favourite tv. show, you know the one you wish did not get cut off in the middle of the first season. yeh. But sara has a way of picking up roles where you just love her character. Her character on Prison Break makes you love her even more. So it sort of fills in the hole for the cut of Tarzan, but still, she is one of my favourite actresses that I would count on in seeing much more of her good work. She has a way of just making you glad when there is a scene between her and Micheal or anyone else.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies....truely original

    SWC is a beautiful and Extremly talented Actress, It is through her work on Prison Break that i began to recognise her talent, being one of only a few female cast members, she has the ability to hold her own and not get swallowed up by the guys!!She is able to Bring the Character of Sara to a new Level and her performance is never lagging! One to watch..
  • Beautiful

    My hell she is hot. Sarah Callies played the role of Sara so well throughout both Seasons of Prison Break, she helped free Michael and was a key witness in the exoneration of Lincoln Burrows. I think she is very hot as well, and I think she will become a better actress as she gets older. She I think will have many opportunities to become a great actress.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies - a truely phenominal Actress! by far one of the all - time greats!

    I find myself forwarding to Sarah Wayne Callies scenes all the time! She just illuminates the screen! She is a refreshing breathe of air! she brings a certain grace and class to all of her scenes. When watching the episode CHICAGO i couldn't help but smile and get goosebumps at the same time because Sarah Wayne Callies just shone in that episode. going through the broadest range of emotions all in 42 mins. Anger, guilt, resentment, joy, fear, blind hatred and rage and of course her love and devotion for Michael. all of this pulled off fantastically by one very talented actress!
  • Great actress

    She is a really great actress!! I didn`t know her before prison break! She is now one of my favorite actor!! She`s awesome...really talented!! She`s underused(it will change) and of course a pure beauty!!!I hope she will be great again in the sure to be mind blowing season 3!Looking forward for more from her!
  • SWC is currently playing Dr. Sara Tancredi in the world-wide success Prison Break. The show is now on a break, and returns in August. She is one of my definite favorite actresses at this point.

    Sarah has the amazing ability to act in a way that is so wonderfully natural and believeable. You really believe her when she's acting, and her very natural approach to acting makes her such a great actress.

    She also has this gift, she does these little things when she's acting a scene. Either she does something with her hair, her fingers or something else. This makes everything fall into its right place and makes every scene she's in, extraordinary.

    I especially remember during the first season, in an episode where she met one of her junkie friends; the way she used her eyes to emphasize that she was high, well, that's some of the best I've seen. And I noticed Paul mentioning it on that episode's commentary. Really a nice piece of acting there.

    SWC is definitely a personal favorite, and my favorite on Prison Break. Hopefully she'll be a part of the show throughout the whole of Season Three. (Apart from the eps. she's away due to her pregnancy of course.)

    And then I can't forget to mention that she's such an attractive woman too. She's really gorgeous. :)
  • "I love her"

    My hell she is hot. Sarah Callies played the role of Sara so well throughout both Seasons of Prison Break, she helped free Michael and was a key witness in the exoneration of Lincoln Burrows. I think she is very hot as well, and I think she will become a better actress as she gets older.
  • Beautiful and brilliant!

    Sarah is an amazing young actress who is well known for her supporting role in Prison Break. She plays the doctor, well ex-doctor of the Prison and Michael sort of used her but now that I back together. She along with the rest of the cast have challenging roles to play and I think that she does it very well.
  • empty

    Sarah Wayne Callies is a good supporting actress on "Prison Break" and I enjoy her interactions with Wentworth Miller's character. That said, I don't really have much to base her acting skills on other than this show.
  • empty

    She is cool. Her character in Prison Break is really cool and I think that she and Michael make one great chemistry, they are really cool together. I really think that Sarah has a great future and I think that she is going to be awesome in all of her movies. Awesome woman!

    I REALLY LOVE DR. TANCREDI!! she's sooooo preety!!!! i cn't take my eyes of her!! i love her!!!1 wwoooooohoooooo!!!!! she acts really good!! her character is perfect for her!! she and michael scofield is a good pair!hahahaha!! i wish i coul see dr. tancredi!!!!! see you soon dr.tancredi!! hahahaha!! i'm watching prison break beacause of this girl and the whole show!! hahaha!! i love prison break!
  • She adds such great depth to Prison Break!

    Before Prison Break, I had never seen Sarah Wayne Callies before. But after watching the first season, she definitely has to be one of the best actors on the show.

    Her portrayal of Dr Sarah Tancredi is magnificent. She really gets the character and you can see that when she delivers her lines.

    Her relationship with Wentworth Miller's Michael Scofield is also another reason why Prison Break is such a great show, her on screen chemistry with Michael is top notch and you really have to root for them when you watch the show.

    Overall, she is a fantastic actor and I really enjoy when she is on screen. Hopefully she wont get killed off!
  • Sarah is a good actress. She perform very well in Prison Break.

    This is my first drama to know Sarah. I have reviewed her several interviews and found that she is a cute and humorous woman. I think that Sarah and Went is a good couple and they are match each other. However, it is pity that Sarah is married in the real life. Otherwise, I feel that they will devlope a relationship and I think they have some feelings each other . I know that Sarah is the right woman of Went he want to find. I really hope Sarah and Went will have a happy ending in Prison Break Season 2.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies is my favourite female celebrity. The Dr. Sara Trancredi role in Prison Break is perfect for her. No one could play it better than she does. She is indeed one of the all-time greats!

    There are many high-quality female celebrities out there. Sarah Wayne Callies definitely deserves the title as one of them. I have officially made her my favourite female celebrity of all partially because of her excellent performance in Prison Break but mainly because of how genuinely, naturally cute she is in person. After seeing some interviews and talk shows of her, I have come to really admire her a lot. She doesn't have a beauty that is striking and makes you melt the first time you see her, but she is the kind of woman that you can't resist to grow to like her as time goes on. She just comes off so approachable, friendly and low-maintenance. I think that is extremely rare in female celebrities nowadays, especially when everyone likes skanks like Paris Hilton. Sarah Wayne Callies has the personality to distinguish herself from the rest. She is unique and indeed one of the all-time greats!
  • A pleasure to watch...

    She's very sensitive, charming and beautiful in very sweet and tender way. Really a pleasure to watch. I think that it was a brilliant choice to pick her for the Prison Break. I really do think the character of Dr. Sara Tancredi just suits her very well. I'm always enjoying her parts on the screen. I don't know how much she's giving to this character from her own personality but it looks so natural.

    It would be very nice to see her also in some other shows or movies. Just give her as much time on the screen as possible!!!
  • Sara is an amazing newcomer !

    Sara Wayne Callies is an amazing newcomer that i came across when i was watching Prison Break. I thought she suited the part of Dr Sara Tancredi extremly well and brought that extra flare and experience to the show.I also love the fact that she is not a damsel in distress so to speak and she can carry herself. I thought she was an extodinary person and as soon as i saw her a started to pay attention. In the end Sara is a gorgeous, sexy, talented actress and i really hope that this show will put her on the map.
  • She's absolutely brilliant in playing Dr. Sara Tancredi in Prison Break!!

    Well, I think that she did an extremely good job playing as a 'humanatarian' doctor in Prison Break. I think she brings an extra edge to the show. I am surprised that she is not involved in many other major TV shows. I hope her role in Prison Break will showcase her talent to the world and bring her more acting roles in the future.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies is a hottie.

    I think that she is hot. I think that she is a good actress and I would love to see her in more movies or shows. I really like her and think that she will go very far.She plays a doctor in Prsion Break and I love it. I think that her and Michael would make a cutie couple in and out of the shpw