Sarita Choudhury




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Sarita Choudhury was born on August 18th 1966, in Blackheath, London, England. After spending her childhood living in Italy, Britain and then the US, Choudhury studied at Queen's University, where she gained her degree in economics. After graduating, her focus turned to acting, and her first role as Meena in Mississippi Masala was a resounding hit with film critics. Choudhury's success continued throughout the 90s, as she starred in The Perez Family and Karma Sutra: A Tale of Love. After her successes in America, Choudhury turned her attention to the independent film industry, and played the role of a lesbian mother in Fresh Kill. Later into the 90s, she starred in an Alfred Hitchcock adaptation of The Perfect Murder. The early 2000s saw her take on another lesbian role in the film She Hate Me, before starring in hit TV series such as The Good Wife and Bored to Death. Her later career has included a guest role in Homeland, as well as appearing in the British/French TV series Death in Paradise.