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  • Not A Type-Cast

    I love that she's not a typecast. Every time she appears on a show, she successfully manage let go her past characters' image. She's my favorite TV actress.
  • cool older sister

    I like her as Pacey's older sister in Dawson's Creek
  • Very talented

    She's a very talented actress. I first saw her on Rizzoli & Isles and immediately fell in love with her social clumsyness (I already loved the series Bones, he he). Just a few months ago I started to watch the first season of NCIS, without even knowing she would be in it. And it's amazing to see her play those two completely different roles, with completely different appearances: almost unrecognisable. Amazing!
  • Love Sasha!

    I love Sasha so much! I first saw her on NCIS and loved her. I was so sad when she left but now, she's back on Rizzoli and Isles. I love her with blonde hair. Not only is Sasha really talented, she is soo smart, she can speak four languages fluently and her 6 year-old daughter can speak 3!
  • beautiful and talented


    I first saw Sasha in NCIS. As everyone else, I was disappointed that she left the show just after two seasons when the show was on the way up. Again, like everyone else, I thought it was because she was fired but after awhile, news came out that Sasha was the one who resigned from the show.

    Now, she's back in Rizzoli and Isles, and I hope this time around she'll stick to see it come to fruition. I believe R&I has so much to offer. The show's very entertaining. Sasha's quirkiness brings laughter on the show and both her talent and beauty bring some sort of sophistication in the series.

  • Boo Hoo too much work. Boo Hoo too boring to do the same thing...

    I really don\'t understand what people think is so great about Sasha Alexander. She has turned out to be just another spoiled brat star. She complained about how much work NCIS was and about how boring it was to play the same character all of the time. What about the real NCIS agents. The people who only get to play one character in their entire life... THEMSELVES! I am sure they get really bored sometimes. However, they do their work to make a living, support their families, and protect the rest of us. It is too bad that she has so much money and so many opportunities that she can just up a quit a paying job.

    One thing that I always like to see is, what have they done now. Haven\'t seen or heard of her lately. Must not be that big of a star.
  • Can't Sasha chose her own life path and not be childishly attacked for it??

    Sasha Alexander is an amazing person and I completely disagree with what the last review says. I had the privilege of meeting Sasha in June 2005. When I first met her I hadn't seen any of her work so I was not looking at her in a star quality way. She was a wonderful person to chat to and she certainly wasn't "boo hoo"-ing over how much work she had. She simply fancied a change in direction and saw that what she was doing was effecting her quality family time. Now tell me that if you had the opportunity to try a new exciting opportunity in you life and/or be able to take a break to spend with your family...wouldn't you do that?? I know I would. She was a wonderful genuine person, not a quality that's in abundance anymore. Since meeting her I have religiously watched her work, particularly on NCIS, and find that her acting abilities are a joy to see. I think if we all sat here and childishly attacked people who have the great opportunities that someone like Sasha has we would all never leave our computers. I think Sasha is lucky to have the chances and opportunities that she has, she has earned them in her own way. And I think she has a right to lead her life as she chooses without being attacked for it...wouldn't that be nice!?!
  • Loved her as Kate.

    I really liked Sasha as Kate. She played a wonderful role. She grew from the beginning until the end from a novice agent to a very good agent, but hadn't quit growing. How Tony got under her skin was very believable. She played a very strong woman but vulnerable at the same time. I was really upset when they killed her off (she left the show). I did like how they didn't immediately wipe their hands of her role, though. I thought that was tasteful. Glad to see she's starring in a new series in a couple weeks. I wasn't certain why she quit the NCIS series especially given how well she fit in with the rest of the gang. I hope the new show gives her a good forum for her talent.
  • Sasha Alexander, as Kate in NCIS, if you only knew how much we - my wife and I - do miss you, Kate!

    NCIS is our fav. and we loved to see you with Gibbs and the rest of the wonderful team. How could you let someone kill you, Kate! ;) Every day, yes that is true, every day we see the new NCIS episodes we talk about you, Kate ... can Bellisario maybe... maybe let you wake up again? .. :)

    We miss you and want you more.. much more..

    PS.. by the way, is it tru you are married with the son of Sofia Loren? I adore her and I hope you'll be happy with her son and your kid.

    Love ya.
  • Miss her very much!

    First, I miss Sasha on NCIS.
    Aka her character Agent Kate Todd.
    She was sexy, attractive, witty, charming, smart, and no-nonsense.
    Very, very, sympathetic as well as tough as nails.
    IMO, she was one of the guys, not just a supporting player.
    I wish that she was back on the show.
    But I understand if she wants to pursue other interests!
    Wish her best of luck in her future endeavors!
  • With a history of viewer challenged shows, that eventuated in cancellation, Sasha has broken the mould of other actresses and shone through with her performance on the CBS drama NCIS.

    With a history of viewer challenged shows, that eventuated in cancellation, Sasha has broken the mould of other actresses and shone through with her performance on the CBS drama NCIS.

    She shone in her role as Special Agent Kate Todd, filling the part brilliantly, making her one of the most believable actors on series television actors.

    However, the lack of promotion of NCIS, stunted her growth in the industry, but know that her demise from the show has become so well publiscised and her upcoming role in the big budget action flick, Mission Impossible:3, I am sure her star will rise.
  • WOOW! My Idol!

    I just LOVE her! She´s a amazing actress and I love her work! Well, I´ve just seen her in NCIS and in one episode of Dawson's Creek but her career has just began! I know she´ll do a great job in Mission Impossible 3 and I can´t wait to see it! ;D She has inspired me and made me love acting and I´ve promised myself that someday I´ll be in a movie. And she´s the reason why ;P I´ll hope she´ll begin to use her talent soon, cause she can do a lot more than she has already done and I hope she knows that...
  • I enjoy her work

    I have followed her through the N.C.I.S. series and have enjoyed her character she plays very much and was sadden when I found out that in fact she is the team member to be killed in the upcoming episodes. Looking forward to seeing her in something new in the future.
  • She is a great actor, and will (I think) go on to do great things in her career.

    I think she is a great actor. Thou I never saw her in any of her movies she was in I have seen some that she helped produce and they were good. I also never saw her on Presidio Med and Dawson's Creek I bet she was great. I did see her on the episode of CSI and the episode of Friends she was on and it was good. NCIS will not be the same with out her and we will all miss her, but I bet she will do well. Over all I think she is a great actor.
  • She's a really good actress. Always shows the best. She good do alot more then what she has done.

    I loved her the most in NCIS. She was good in both Presideo Med and Dawson's Creek. Her movies is not the best. She's a great actress and she can choose something better then the movies she plays in. I was really hurt when she left NCIS. She was great in the show.