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  • Can't Sasha chose her own life path and not be childishly attacked for it??

    Sasha Alexander is an amazing person and I completely disagree with what the last review says. I had the privilege of meeting Sasha in June 2005. When I first met her I hadn't seen any of her work so I was not looking at her in a star quality way. She was a wonderful person to chat to and she certainly wasn't "boo hoo"-ing over how much work she had. She simply fancied a change in direction and saw that what she was doing was effecting her quality family time. Now tell me that if you had the opportunity to try a new exciting opportunity in you life and/or be able to take a break to spend with your family...wouldn't you do that?? I know I would. She was a wonderful genuine person, not a quality that's in abundance anymore. Since meeting her I have religiously watched her work, particularly on NCIS, and find that her acting abilities are a joy to see. I think if we all sat here and childishly attacked people who have the great opportunities that someone like Sasha has we would all never leave our computers. I think Sasha is lucky to have the chances and opportunities that she has, she has earned them in her own way. And I think she has a right to lead her life as she chooses without being attacked for it...wouldn't that be nice!?!