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  • Wedding Ring

    On the show Grimm, I noticed he is wearing a wedding ring. He doesn't seem to be married in the show, and I don't think he is married in real life. What's up with the ring? I love his character in Grimm, a true gentleman. I wish he was real
  • Holy smokes, he's easy on the eyes.

    Each time he graces the screen I think young sexy Jeff Goldblum. Very dapper and debonaire`
  • Canadian Sensation on the Rise!!!


    I love Sasha. His screen prescence is amazing. He such a talented actor. I definitley hope to see more of him in the future. I saw him in the
    " The Day After tomorrow" and I have yet to see land of the dead. I'm a really big fan of his work with the cartoon" The Delta State" . I haven't seen a complete episode yet because they don't show it in the states, but I have seen mini clips from some websites. This is such a unique animation because of the way its done. I don't know the name of the method but It truly gave this cartoon a unique spin from all the rest which also made it very interesting. The storyline is also very intersting. Sasha plays Sven the Super rifter. He does so well as this character.I think he was also in a show called "Show Me yours". They actually just started showing this in the states. I wonder if he has ever thought about doing theatre???(random thought of a playwright) Well, I assume that he'd probably be really good. Well, to close out , Keep up the Great work Guy, and God Bless you!!!