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Saskia Garel

Saskia Garel


12/9/1977, Kingston, Jamaica

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Saskia Garel


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Saskia, born in Kingston Jamaica, immigrated to Toronto, Canada with her family at the age of 6. Her exotic look is a result of a mixture of Chinese, Spanish and African flavours. In her final year of high school at the persuasive coaxing of her friends and family,…more


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  • Saskia is a hott chick, up and coming talent and is about to take over....just watch out for her!!!!

    Saskia has talent, i think she has it...meaning the natural actress flame in her....i just wanted to say keep doing your thing, she is very talented and seems really focused!!!!

    i love her in upn\\\'s one on one!!!!

    i read up on her and i found out that she sings too!!!....she is featured on J-man\\\'s track titled \\\" I wish I\\\"...you can check it out at www.projamentertainment.com

    click on J-Man...

    Saskia is a triple threat and she\\\'s coming to T.V screens and movie screens near you!!!!!

    congarts Saskia!!!!!

    #1 Fan!!!!!moreless