Sass Jordan





Birmingham, England, UK

Birth Name

Sass Jordan




When Sass was only 3 years old, her family moved from England to Montreal, Canada, where she grew up.

She was interested very early in music. At about 16 years old, she founded her first band, Sweet Thunder that was mostly composed of High School dropouts...

Later after the dissolution of the group, one of her friends called to ask her if she wanted to be part of their band, The Pin Ups, as a bass player. The Pin Ups became quickly popular in the Montreal are and caught the eye of the local promoter Donald K. Donald, who signed Sass to her first record deal, and released her first CD, Tell Somebody, in 1989. Sass obtained much instantly much success in Canada and earned a Juno Award and many other awards.

To continue her career, Sass moved to Los Angeles where signed with a manager. There, she released two more c.d.'s, 1992's multi platinum selling "Racine" and 1994's cult c "Rats".

In 1997, Jordan got back in Canada, got married and had a child. She also release the CD "Present", who was followed by "Hot Gossip" in 2000.

Sass is currently a judge on Canadian Idol, as well as acting, singing, writing, and working with the "Voices of Classic Rock".