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  • Saundra McClain has too many credits for me to name that she has been in, She is very diversified and can change from one phase to another to get an audiance going. She deserves her own show, on film or Television.moreless

    Being the eldest niece of Saundra McClain, I have seen her perform in many different plays, commercials and films. She is an extremely talented actress and can sing as well. If you ever see her in action, you know she is really playing the part and putting her whole self into the character she is studying. In fact, I know she is now in two commercials that are running now, and everytime I see them I say, Hey, that's my aunt. My most memorable commercial that I til this day remember, is the Peppermint Patti, which used to air every year during the holidays, but of course since they change the name of the candy, I haven't seen it. But her laugh will always stand out in any roll she does and is kind of trademark in my family. She is a 10 in everything she does.moreless
  • My review for saundra mcclain may be a bit biased.Saundra and myself not only share the same last name, we also share the same bloodline.I am her youngest neice by her only sister.moreless

    As far back as i could remember my aunt has been in entertainment.From commercial,to stageplay,to movies. Her talent has continued to amaze me.In every role she is in she plays a strong woman. I really wish I could see her in bigger roles. She is a great actress with tons of credits to her name.Every performance has always been something to make you sit down and take notice.I would like to see her in a more powerful role that she was born to play.moreless