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  • This is one of the best voice actresses ever to voice Cream!

    Sayaka Aoki did the voice of Cream the Rabbit in the japanese version of Sonic X and the Sonic games. She did a superb job as Cream's voice, she really makes her sound like a cute girl. She did SO much better than Rebecca Honig, and she is as good as Sarah Wulfeck, who used to voice Cream the Rabbit in the Sonic games. If SEGA wouldn't make the decision to return the old voice actors, they could at least hire Sayaka Aoki to voice as Cream in the games, I wonder how she would sound like in english? It would be great having her voice Cream in the same tone, voice, only in English, Cream would actually sound cuter. Sayaka Aoki and Sarah Wulfeck do the best jobs ever voicing as Cream, they are WAY more better than Rebecca Honig, though she was pretty good. I enjoy watching the japanese episodes of Sonic X when I know a voice actress as good as Sayaka is voicing Cream. Cream the Rabbit is one of my favorite characters!
  • Now THIS is Cream the Rabbit's best voice

    So far, since Rebecca Honig replaced Sarah Wulfeck as Cream the Rabbit in the games due to the 4Kids move, I have been outraged. I hate Rebecca's screechy voice she gave my favorite Sonic character (yeah you heard me, Cream is my favorite Sonic character). But at least this voice actress is still around. And while she does not speak English, in the Japanese games and the Japanese version of Sonic X, she has made Cream sound so cute and young, like the little playful child that Cream is ^^. Hearing this voice on Sonic X and also on the Japanese version of Sonic Rush I got has made me want to smile and giggle as she just sounds so cute and sweet in them. I would want no one to replace this Japanese voice for Cream.