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Schatar Sapphira Taylor

Schatar Sapphira Taylor


8/2/1971, Washington DC

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Hottie, Schatar White
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Schatar Taylor is a HOBY Alumna from 1986 where she represented Georgetown Day School at the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar in District of Columbia. Schatar carries an Ivy League Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as completion of a number of specialized…more


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  • Schatar Taylor a.k.a Hottie a.k.a Money Banks with her new hit single my mansion my man my money and she blasted Flav in the song and you totally have to hear it and she has her dog Ca$h in it and it's totally awesome hottie has a great voice.............moreless

    Schatar Taylor (known from flavor of love season 1) they asked her to cook a chicken and she put veges in it and defrosted it in the microwave she didn't make it all the way through but flav made a little mistake she now has a new hit single out called my mansion my man my money she blasted flav in the song and she has her dog in the video and she has a great voice that can make a diamond vibrate and it is very awesome and I totally love listening to it and it is great. &hearts, Hottiemoreless
  • "I ain't saying she's a golddigger . . ."

    Schatar, of Hottie as we have all come to know her, is the star of Vh1's Charm School and Flavor of Love 1. I personally despise this woman, and I have many resons why. While on Flavor of Love, Hottie wore many revealing outfits. By revealing, I mean outfits that she popped out of and showed her nasty fat self. She is a self proclaimed gold digger, and every time she blinks VH1 adds a sound effect that sounds like money. Schatar once tried to cook a chicken in a microwave on Flavor of Love 1 by pressing the chicken button. Flav's reaction to this undercooked foul made the episode. All in all, I am NOT a fan of Hottie, and dislike her immensely.moreless