Schuyler Grant





4/29/1971 , Los Gatos, California, USA

Birth Name

Schuyler Grant




Schuyler Grant was delivered by her father in a tiny cramped apartment in Los Gatos, California, on April 29. She spent her early years dreaming of becoming an actress, then someday running for the presidency of the United States. However, due to a disliking of a certain 40th presidency (who had the same thing in mind), Schuyler seemingly decided against the aspiration. Growing up without a television, Schuyler spent some of her time over at her friends' houses watching their TV. One of the shows she watched was "All My Children," which, ironically enough, she became a cast member of in January of 1998.
Schuyler kept herself busy by performing in school plays, and then eventually she was given the role of "Anne" in the TV mini series "Anne of Green Gables." However, due to pressure from the Canadian sponsors, Kevin Sullivan turned Indian-giver (no negativity meant to the Native Americans by comparing them to Sullivan) and revoked the part. However, they found Megan Follows to play "Anne" and they gave Schuyler the role of "Diana." Then, a couple years later, Schuyler reprised her role in "Anne of Avonlea." After completing the movie, Schuyler spent some time in France.
After graduating high school, Schuyler attended the prestigous Columbia University, where she majored in history and minored in theater. After earning a bachelor of arts from Columbia, Schuyler then went into some stage acting (see resumé). While she was at Columbia University, she met Jeff Krasno - a jazz musician. They later married.
In 1998 Schuyler gained the role of Camille Hawkins on "All My Children," as well as a 3-year contract. However, due to a poorly written storyline and juvenile fans her stint ended early (July of 1998).
Currently, Schuyler has thought of either staying in NYC (to possibly run for the Senate) or moving back to Northern California to raise a family. She presently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Jeff.