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  • A great actor, a wonderful improv comedian, and a normal guy anyway!

    I saw him walking down 6th Avenue in New York City. It was surreal for several reasons. First of all, he has played my favorite character on 30 Rock ever since "Milf Island" where he got his hand stuck in the vending machine and made me laugh until my eyes watered. You're not supposed to see your favorite character pass you on the street. Second of all, he pretty much looked the same as he does on television, except his hair was a little grayer and I could really tell how insanely tall he is in real life. Third of all, he was walking down the street. A semi-crowded street, with a bunch of people who had no idea who he was and how amazing he is. Another thing, unlike most New Yorkers, he wasn't avoiding people's gaze, and he didn't look like he was really annoyed by tourists. Even though it only took a matter of seconds to walk past me on the sidewalk, it seemed to me that he was a genuinely nice guy.

    Now that the initial shock has worn off, I totally regret not chasing him down the street.