Scott Arthur Allen





8/10/1938 , Shreveport, Louisiana

Birth Name

Charles Arthur Allen



Scott-Arthur Allen was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. As a Teenager he performed many times on the Louisiana Hayride. The same time Elvis was a regular. After attending college he joined the Marine Corps, which brought him to Los Angeles. To support himself, he worked in sales for the Friden Corporation and became their number one salesman. Eventually he left that income to pursue his dream of singing & acting.

He has been a successful actor, acting coach, casting director and Talent Manager. As an acting coach, he formed the Creative Actors Workshop 30 years ago. He owns Gentle-Force Artists Group and is the Immediate Past President of the Talent Managers Association. In addition, he sat on the Executive Council for the National Association of Artists Managers (NAAM).

As a manager, artist, coach and association executive, Scott-Arthur has dealt with most of the top managers, agents and studio executives in the film TV and Recording industry.

He has been involved in the entertainment business since age 14, beginning as a musician then as an actor. He had a recurring role on the series Emergency and then many guest starring roles on such hit shows as Bionic Woman, CHIPs, Flamingo Road, and numerous Co-Starring roles on Barrretta and Police Story. Plus has appeared in many feature films including S.O.B. and The Battle of Mid Way. As an acting coach, he has coached many thespians who range from stars to working actors such as: Heather Locklear, Tea Leoni,, Kimberly Brown and Tracey Bregman from The Young and The Restless and The Bold & the Beautiful, Mitzi Kapture of Baywatch, Silk Stalkings, and many more.