Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey


12/16/1976, Florissant, Missouri

Birth Name

Scott Michael Bailey



Also Known As

Scott Bailey (III), Scott Michael Bailey, Scott M. Bailey
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Scott Bailey is originally from Florissant, Missouri. He has also lived in Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Augsburg, Germany; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Los Angeles. After Scott received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University, he worked as a mechanical engineer for the Department of Energy. While…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On January 24, 2009 Scott appeared in the Lifetime Original Movie Prayers for Bobby along side actress Sigourney Weaver. He says that the movie will, 'break your heart.'

    • Scott once pulled out a fake gun at an audition without having warned anyone he was going to be doing it. He calls that the "dorkiest thing he's ever done."

    • Scott spent the first six months of his three years on Guiding Light doing just voice-over work. His character, Sandy Foster, was originally a college radio DJ who was never seen.

    • When Scott left his good paying job as an engineer to become an actor, his parents weren't pleased with the decision. He says that for nearly two years after he made the decision, he and his parents didn't speak.

    • Scott admits that he is often mistaken for actor Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame.

    • Scott became interested in acting after he saw Harry Hamlin in a stage production of Henry V. After the show he decided that he "wanted to be like that."

    • Scott has one sibling, an older sister named Lisa. She has made him an uncle more than once, a job he takes very seriously.

    • As a child Scott idolized Chuck Norris. In 1999 Scott had the chance to meet and work with Norris when he guest starred on the show Walker, Texas Ranger.

    • Scott's dream role would be to play legendary actor Montgomery Cliff in a film about his life. He'd also love to play a role similar to Matt Damon's in Good Will Hunting or The Bourne Identity.

    • While in college, Scott was a member of the Kojasho Karate Club, started the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and was an ASNMSU senator.

    • Scott is represented professionally by Stone Manners Agency and Daniel Sladek Entertainment Corp, both out of Los Angeles.

    • Scott has appeared in music videos for the bands Trick Pony and The Wilkinsons.

    • Scott's nickname is Bailey.

    • Scott has brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Scott hobbies include; reading, writing, watching movies, practicing martial arts, boxing, and yoga. He also enjoys singing and playing the piano.

    • Scott is fluent in German, Spanish, and sign language.

    • Scott has appeared in several magazines during his career. He's appeared in Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, and CBS Soaps in Depth. He's done pictorials for Soaps Hottest Daytime Hunks and Beverly Hills [213] magazines. He also appeared on an promotional tour for Cover Girl magazine.

    • Scott's favorites include:
      - TV Shows: Friends & Inside the Actors Studio
      - Drink: Coffee
      - Places: New York City & Texas
      - Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
      - Song: My Way by Frank Sinatra
      - Actors: Sean Penn and Clint Eastwood
      - Actresses: Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner

    • The son of an Army nurse, Scott has lived in various places around the world, including Germany and an Indian Reservation.

    • Scott believes if he wasn't an actor he would be a writer so he could critique bad acting performances.

    • Scott has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      He was in Seducing Spirits with Keith David,
      Keith was in Novocaine with Kevin Bacon.

    • Scott dated his [former] Guiding Light castmate Kit Paquin for some time. Since leaving the show he has kept his personal life private.

    • Scott Bailey started his role as Sandy Foster on CBS' daytime drama 'Guiding Light' on August 20, 2003, and departed the role on March 15, 2006.

  • Quotes

    • Scott: There is nothing sexier than when somebody unbelievably confident walks into a room. Confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humor is what I look for in a woman.

    • Scott: (about acting) You can't pretend you didn't win the lotto when you get to play pretend for a living.

    • Scott: It takes guts to veer from the normal path. The best decision I ever made was to make my own decisions.

    • Scott: (on becoming an actor) I love what I'm doing. I just wish I hadn't waited until I had a 'midlife crisis' to do it!

    • Scott: (on his greatest fear) Nothing but boring answers. Just kidding! Actually, playing it safe, in my personal life, in my career, in a scene. I figure it's not worth playing if you're not going to play it safe.