Scott Baio

Scott Baio


9/22/1961, Brooklyn, New York (USA)

Birth Name

Scott Vincent James Baio



Also Known As

Scott V. Baio, Scott Vincent Baio
  • Scott Baio on Scott Baio...46 and Pregnant.
  • Scott Baio on Scott Baio...46 and Pregnant.
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Scott Baio was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 22, 1961 to Mario and Rose Baio. The youngest of three children, Baio approached his mother at the age of nine and told her directly, "I want to be on television." The parents obliged and took him on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He's just a doll baby.

    When I first saw Scott it was on Happy Days, and I thought he was the cutest thing on the show. He was so cute when he joined the cast. I loved watching him mature on the show even if he is way older then I am. Scott to me is like one of those poeple you got to love. He's also a great actor. I just love watching him in anything he does.moreless
  • one of a kind

    The first time I seen Scott Baio ,was on Happy Days . He was madly in love with Jonnie.It was funny watching him give Fonzy aka Henry Winkler , the run-a-round.He is a great musiction love to here him play.When he got the role on Matlock , I was realy happy for him.I love the show Matlock , I love the store lines with him in it.I think that show , showed us how great an actor he realy is.He balances , comedy with drama, he's one of the great actors of our time.I think it would be cool , to see a show called This Is Your Life Scott Baio.moreless