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  • Scott is the Bomb!

    Mofungo rules! remember! LOL
  • One of the most talented Actors of today

    Scott Bakula goes from strength to strength. He can sing, and act. His first major break 'Quantum Leap' threw him in to the history books, a scifi show that focuses on Scott Bakulas character. Sam Beckett. A show that ended abruptly. Shooting Down Scott Bakula for a few years. His other Major break, Star Trek:Enterprise, again came as a suprise for his fans, going from quantum leap, to a prequel of the Star Trek phenomenon. His strengths as the Enterprises Captain showed how great his skill couold be used. Unfortunately, as with Quantum Leap, Star Trek was cancelled well before its time. Rumours of a Quantum leap revival have been circulating. Maybe one day, Scott Bakula will finally get Dr. Sam beckett home.
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    Scott Bakula is pretty much an average actor that somehow got his big break on a successful television show and used momentum to swing into a decent film career. My favorite movie that he did was "Necessary Roughness."
  • he is a guy that is leaping from life to life and each time hoping that his next leap will be the leap home he is also the captain of the enterprise nx-01

    Quantum leap is very cool he is funny in star trek he sucked though i hated that show and wished that it doesn't exicst when it was cancelled i wasn't surprised unlike in quantum leap i thought it should have been a longer series the fifth season hade some pretty cool e[isodes in it much better than the second season n n n nn n n nn nn n n n nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n
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    Quite possibly my favorite actor. I have seen everything he has done from Quantum Leap to Star Trek Enterprise. I hope he continues to show up in enjoyable shows like Major League Back to the Minors and Necessary Rougness.
  • A talented actor who I'd like to see more of

    Scott Bakula is by far one of my favorite television stars. He's done a couple of movies but in my opinion he just doesn't shine like he does in television. He is the star of two of my favorite TV shows, Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise. Aside from always being impressed with his acting abilities, he is known for playing the consummate hero. In Quantum Leap, he leaps from person to person, setting right what once went wrong. As Sam he is always faced with tough decisions but he always does what's right. As Captain Jonathan Archer of the Starship Enterprise, he is also faced with tough decisions as he must decide what is best for his crew and how best to handle situations with other species. His characters are what women want, and what men want to be. With both of these great series at an end, I'd hate to not see him in television again. Come back Scott Bakula and kick some more butt.
  • He Can Sing He Can Act What else can This Guy Do?

    Scott bakula is one talented actor just like Jon Bon Jovi, they can both Sing and Act! and they're both HOT! I Loved scott in Quantium Leap and "Major League: Back to the Minors" And I Loved him as Captain archer in "enterprise" I just wish they didnt cancel enterprise I Miss watching Scott on TV but i hope to see him in movies someday.
  • A really good actor.

    Scott Bakula's most memorable roles are Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap and Capt. Jonathan Archer from Enterprise. His role in Enterprise is perhaps the most commanding of his roles. It elevates his action hero persona to the level of that william shatner or patrick stewart. Scott have appeared in other films and tv shows, but it is his roles in Quatum Leap and Enterprise that stands out. Scott gives justice with Sam Beckett and Capt. Archer, he makes those roles really memorable through his acting talent. He does a really good job making them believable. Even though Enterprise has been cancelled, Scott can certainly do well in new roles if he finds any. But to the world, he'll always be Capt. Archer or Sam Beckett.
  • beam me up scotti!!!

    I loved scott bakula In quauntum leap.It was such an original, and different programe.I take my hat off to scott, for doing this show, he really had to be some pretty strange people sometimes, and the challenges would have been to much for some actors.His character sam was just fantastic appart from the fact that scott Is a very handsome guy, He really is a underated actor, who hasn't really been given a chance to do an A grade
    flick.I really feel there were movies out their that scott could have been in, and he would have been fabulous at.
    It's great that he's done enterprise and great that he's still on the telle. But I would love to see him tackle a real humdinger on the big screen
    I really think he could be a draw card to all who appreciate a fine actor
    you go scott!!!
  • Scott Bakula, from Quantum Leap to Star Trek Enterprise.

    Scott Bakula was born St. Louis, Missouri on 9th October 1954, his first starring tv role was on Gung Ho in 1986, Then was the show called Eisenhower & Lutz in 1988, Then followed te incredibley popular Quantum Leap as Dr. Sam Beckett, trapped in time, righting wrongs etc, Then Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1996, And finally, his latest achievement, Captain Jonathan Archer of the starship Enterprise on the Magnificent underrated Star Trek Enterprise.

    Scott also worked behind the camera, he directed 3 episode from Quantum Leap: 'Promised Land', 'Roberto!' and 'Permanent Wave'. Quantum Leap was Scott Bakula's most famous program, followed by Star Trek Enterprise.
    Scott Bakula is a very tallented actor and deserves more publicity and more reviews on, hopefully someone might agree to this review and write a review of his/her own.