Scott Clifton





10/31/1984 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Scott Clifton Snyder




Scott Clifton, 21-year-old co-star of ABC's daytime drama General Hospital

makes his home in the Hollywood area.

Scott's much 'buzzed" arrival as Dillon Quartemaine on the long-running Daytime Drama is not his first foray in acting. Scott's first on camera experience was at the tender age of birth. His drooling and mugging was soon replaced by a number of videos produced by his parents Ron and Faye in which he played various superheroes. He quips that they didn't have to serve their full sentence because of good behaviour. In addition to Scott's THREE time Emmy -nominated work on General Hospital, he has done numerous guest star appearances on many hit Television shows including Roswell and most recently, a recurring role on the hit show Judging Amy. His film work includes the film Peace Virus, Arizona Summer in which he co-starred and the soon to be released Death Strip.

A former self-proclaimed expert at the Pogo Stick, Scott is also a passionate fan of music with extremely eclectic taste. Tops on his list, at the moment, is the music of Matchbox 20, followed closely by Evanescence, Default, Nickleback, and 3 Doors Down. True to his Scottish/Irish heritage, he loves his Celtic music. Scott is a prodigious songwriter, who is currently working on creating a catalogue of songs in anticipation of that record deal waiting for him in his future. His two self-produced CDs UNTITLED and UNBEAUTIFUL are enjoying brisk sales.

Scott also enjoys spending time with his wolf (That's right. I said wolf) named Mist. Mist lives with his parents in the hills above Santa Clarita, CA with Scott's "Executive Producers" Ron and Faye. Thanks to his Dad, Scott is also a major nature enthusiast. A great part of his younger life was spent camping, fishing, and diving into plenty of virtually unknown high-altitude mountain lakes. He learned all about survival skills, safe and dangerous plants, and how to act around wild animals (so the wolf thing came naturally).

In the midst of all that Scott has going on in his life he is also a student of psychology and philosophy. By the age of sixteen, Scott had read almost every major holy book including The Bible, Torah, Qu'ran, Book of Mormon, and Tao Te Ching. As well, he still makes time to keep up with his on-going acting s. If Scott ever has any free time he can be found spending it with his very small circle of friends or usually writing or rehearsing his music.

He credits his acting career to an event at age nine. "My Mom gave me a copy of Hamlet and told me to read it…within a day or two, I had the famous soliloquy memorized. The next week at an Oscar party, she introduced me to one of her friends who told me he wanted to teach me Shakespeare. If that hadn't happened, I probably wouldn't be an actor".

Credit: Official Scott Clifton website