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  • Such a great actor.

    Loved him on GH.
  • 1 word for Scott Clifton...AWESOME!!

    Scott Clifton is one of the most talented actors I have seen since I started watching General Hospital. Great actor, cant wait for his next movie \'Death Strip\'. Totally excellent man, Scott is and I cant believe he hasnt been on more shows he\'s so good. Goregous, creative, lefty (!), musically talented. His website is definatly a great work of genius and his music, inspiring if I do say so myself. He just blows me away when he\'s on General Hospital, his music is always, his face GORGEOUS!!! All I can say is that this actor should be in more movies and shows than this because he just plain out rocks my sock!!
  • A talented young performer who is making hay with dreadful material and scant screen-time.

    I remember one of Dillon Quartermaine's early scenes- he is asked to allow cute Georgie Jones to kiss him in a scheme to keep her sister and cousin off her back about a date.

    It was cute, a funny way for a young couple to start off, and both characters are second- or third- generation core family characters we've seen grow up.

    Scott brings a lovely passion for old movies and all things movie-related. As a fellow movie fan, I appreciate how easily and believably Scott's Dillon throws off lines about movies older than he is. He also, in the typically twisted Quartermaine way, loves his family- particularly his mother and brother. Scott interacts so easily and naturally with Wally Kurth, as Ned, and the dynamic Jane Elliott, as Tracy, that you can believe their relationships.

    Sadly, Scott has had to play a mind-boggling teenage erectile dysfunction storyline; it was not a stufy of the problem and played for laughs. (Dillon was "cured" after a talk with his big brother's ex-wife!)

    He shined in scenes with Ted King's Lorenzo Alcazar, Tony Geary's Luke, and, IMO< scenes with Stuart Damon's Alan Quartermaine. Yet he is relegated to 'just' the teen stories. Yet, even there, Scott has been left friendless outside of Georgie; a friendship with Diego might just surprise all involve with a good story for the two young leads.

    As to his music, if he is as talented in that area as he seems in acting, he should have many career options in his future!