Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen


12/19/1964, Bronx, New York, U.S.A.

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  • Marc Blucas as Matthew, Callie Thorne as...
  • Marc Blucas as Matthew, Callie Thorne as...
  • Scott Cohen as Nico on Necessary Roughness.
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Scott was born in New York to Jack and Leatrice Cohen, his father was a Jazz musician which led to Scott learning the piano and early aspirations of becoming a musician.

After jobs as a photographer's assitant, toy demonstrator, waiter, substitute teacher and photographer's assistant Scott joined the…more


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    • Scott: I didn't hang out with the hip. I never went to clubs. I'd rather talk than dance.

    • Scott: I'm sure I'll get tired very quickly. With these kinds of roles, emotionally you're a waste; you're a basket case. You don't know exactly what's real and what's not. The trick is to remember that your character may be pathological, but you are not!

    • Scott: It was instinct. That might sound weird... But the bestiality is something that's in us somewhere. I was so connected to him. His bestiality came out of his neuroses, and that's something I could relate to. (about Wolf)

    • Scott: I had these 8-year-old black shoes that I'd worn holes in walking to auditions all over Manhattan, and I decided to throw them out. My wife said, 'Don't. Those are the shoes that got you where you are. It's powerful to see what comes from the result of a struggle. So I kept them. I might need them again.

    • Scott: In college, I took a course in clowning and became a circus clown. My teacher had a theater company, and I auditioned and got in.

    • Scott: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a musician, but I didn't have the discipline.

    • Scott: I served Al Pacino a cappuccino when I was working at Jerry's in SoHo. He gave me a $5 tip.

    • Scott: There were times when I really wished I could do something else. (about acting)

    • Scott: (on being a celebrity) I am glad you think I am a celebrity. LOL. But I think that the difficult thing is being seen as your character and not as a human being.

    • Scott: I believe in struggle. And I believe that the struggle is beautiful. You have to try it or you will never know what's beyond it.

  • Just another 10th Kingdom Fan after all these years

    I feel foolish having a crush on a ficticious wolf but the performance of Scott Cohen in 10th Kingdom is one that makes you wish fairy tales did come true,his commitment to character was unbelievable, best of all were the RISKS he took, he wasnt afraid to fully give himself over to every aspect of the wolf , he was funny and gorgeous too , loved it !
  • Did you see him in the 10th Kingdom!?

    Okay, YES, he is awesomely handsome, but that’s not what I’m here to say. I’m here to say what a wonderful actor Scott is. In what I’ve seen him in, he was an amazing actor. He played a character, who was dangerous, appealing, devoted, trusting, funny, and down right scary all at once. Not many actors that I know can do that. He is a wonderful actor, and I think he should be recognized for it!moreless