Scott Colton

Scott Colton


5/6/1980, Deerfield, Illinois

Birth Name

Scott Colton



Also Known As

Colt, Colt Cabana, Colt Nevada, Scotty Goldman, The Goon, Matt Classic, Chris Guy
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Scott Colton is an American professional wrestler who previously wrestled in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Colton wrestled under the in-ring name of Scotty Goldman, but he is more commonly known by Colt Cabana outside of the WWE. He was popular on the indy circuit and wrestled on Ring…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Colton made his official WWE in-ring debut on the August 15, 2008 episode of Smackdown as Scotty Goldman. He wrestled Brian Kendrick and was defeated.

    • Cabana along with Cm punk were trained by Ace Steel and Danny Dominion.

    • Scott's brother Greg is the animation director for the show Family Guy.

    • Colt has been a world Heavyweight champ in ACW, NWA Illinois, WC, IWF, LWF, WMW and UWA Canada.

    • Cabana is a former 2 time ROH tag champ with CM Punk.

    • Colt is a well traveled indy wrestler.
      These are all the US promotions he has been apart of: 3PW, AAW, ACW, AIW, APW, Central Coast, APW Los Angeles, AWA Slam, AWA Superstars, AWS, CAPW, Chikara Pro, CWA, CWF, CWM, Dangerzone, DPW, EPW, EWE, EWF, FIP, FPWA, FXW, GCW, HOW, HWA, I8W, ICW, IPW, IPW-Hardcore, IWA, Midsouth, IWAS, IWC, IWF, IWF, Michigan, JAPW, JCW, LsWO, LWF, MAPW, MAW, Mercury 1, MCW, MCW, MMW, MMWA, MRW, MSPW, MXPW, NAWF, NBWA, NJPW-USA, NOW,NSSE, NWA Florida,
      NWA No Limits, NWA Michigan/MWA, NWA Midwest, NWA MCW, NWA Pro, NWA TNA, NWA Upstate, NWCW, NWCW, PCW, PWF, PWG, RCW,Revolution Pro,Rockum Sockum/Raging Bull Productions, SCW, SDCW, SDW/SPCW,TRW, VCW, WAR, World-1, WWA, XICW and XWF.

    • On the Halloween episode on ECW the New Breed, Cabana was seen dressed as a fairy in the backstage area.

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