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Scott Edgar, or Scod as he is commonly known, is a talented Australian singer, songwriter, comedian, guitar player. The list goes on I am sure. Scott was born ini 1972, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Scott is most famously known for being a member of the hit, ARIA award-winning…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • As part of Tripod, Scott has regularly appeared on the Australian comedy show skitHouse.

    • May, 2006 - Following the wrap of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Scott, as a part of Tripod, is going to New Zealand for the NZ International Comedy Festival.

    • Scott is the main guitar player for Tripod.

    • Appeared on the televised version of The Gala:2006 with Tripod.

    • With his Tripod mates, Scott performed in a musical theatre, called Tripod tells the tale of the Adventures of Tosswinkle the Pirate (not very well). It has been released on VHS and DVD.

    • Scott met Simon Hall (Yon in Tripod) at Monash University. Steven Gates (Gatesy) claims that he and Scott have still never met.

    • In 2005, Scott formed a new band called Scott Edgar and the Universe, to give him the opportunity to perform serious music.

    • Tripod have their own webpage, where you can find out more about the trio.

    • In October, 2005, Tripod won an ARIA award for Best Comedy Release for Middlebrough Rd.

    • He has released several cd's with Tripod. They include Open Slather, About an hour of songs in an hour, About an hour of songs in an hour... again, Fegh Maha, and Middlebrough Rd.

    • He recently released a DVD with Tripod, called Pod August, of a live gig the boys did. This is their first DVD release.

    • Often refers to Yon as 'goblin boy' and Gatsey as 'Fonzie.'

    • Was part of the Comedy-Brig team to sing "Working Class Anthem" - Adam Hills' version of the Australian national anthem sung to the tune of Jimmy Barnes' "Working Class Man."

    • April, 2006 - appearing at the Melbourne Comedy festival as part of Tripod.

    • Married girlfriend Emily in 2002

  • Quotes

    • Scod: (Comparing himself to Harry Potter) Still, you have to admitt there are a lot of similarities. He's got glasses, I've got glasses.

    • Scod: Do you know what my life is like being chained to Fonzie and Goblin boy over here?

    • Scott: (refering to Gatsey and Yon) Don't encourage them. You have to put up with them for two minutes a year. This is my entire life!

  • Talented, funny, and cute... in a kind of geeky way.

    Scott Edgar is a brilliant comedian, and 1/3 of an amazing music/comedy group. I love his humour. I love his music - by that I mean the band's music caause all 3 seem to work so well together that it's impossible to know who is responsible for each song - both lyrics and tune. I recently saw Scod on the Mebourne International Comedy Gala on channel 10 and could not believe it. He has grown hair, and lost the "Harry Potter" style glasses. maybe I just haven't seen a recent picture in awhile.

    I had the opportunity to see Tripod when they came to Townsville in 2005, and loved every minute of it. A lot of their genious lies in their on-stage antics - which are kind of lost on a cd, funnily enough.

    I realise I have been reviewing Tripod as much as Scott/Scod here, but sometimes it's impossible to seperate them. Sorry Scott.

    I cannot wait for him to be on Spicks and Specks again.moreless